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  1. Welcome everyone, Today i'm going to show you guys, how to use Upgrader stone and how to Forge items. First all what you need to do is to type ::upgrade , and you will be teleported at Upgrade Stones, you can see them here: After that, simply right click on upgrade stone, and choose this function: Then it will opens Upgrading interface like this: Here how it works: 1. Here shows weapon that you want to upgrade 2. Here you can see what you will get if you succeed your item upgrade 3. It shows how many 1B Tokens you need for 1 try to upgrade 4. Here shows your chance for upgrade, this item have 20% chance to succeed your upgrade, if upgrade fails, you will lose your item that you trying to upgrade and money ( in this case 100 1B tokens ) 5. If you are ready, simply left click on this Upgrade button to try your luck. There is a lot of different items with higher prices and higher or lower chances. Many peoples asking from where they can get Bonds ( By claiming them, you get donator points and that amount you claim it goes into your total donated, higher your total is, higher donator rank you get, every donator rank have different benefits ) . You can get 5$ Bonds from super boxes, vote boxes, infernal boxes or bravek caskets. 10$ bonds from ultra boxes, supreme boxes, infernal boxes or bravek caskets. 25$ Bond you can get from vote boxes. Let me show what kind of items you can upgrade into Bonds: *1*. Here you can upgrade Golden Minigun into Frost minigun, then into Athens Minigun, then into Dragon Minigun and eventually into Rainbow Minigun. All Minigun upgrades have specific chances to succeed upgrade ( not recommended if you are new player, because it cost decent amount of money ) . You can get Golden Minigun from super boxes, ultra boxes and supreme boxes. Frost Minigun from supreme boxes. Athens Minigun from Bravek caskets ( you can get them from slayer boxes ) or you can go to Accessories tab and upgrade Special Wings into Athens Minigun: ( mostly you can buy Special wings from 1B shop, many players selling them there ) or from super boxes . Dragon Minigun comes from slayer boxes ( you can get slayer boxes randomly from doing slayer tasks after every kill ), Rainbow Miniguns can be bought in slayer points shop. *2*. This is Rainbow Minigun, that you can upgrade into 25$ Bond, it cost 2000 1B tokens and have 25% chance to upgrade. You can get Rainbow Minigun by upgrading regular miniguns that i mention in *1*. *3*. Here we have Limey Bow, you can upgrade it into 10$ Bond, it cost 4000 1B tokens and have 20% chance to upgrade. You can get them by opening ultra boxes or supreme boxes. *4*. This one is for advanced players there you can upgrade Hope Sword into 50$ Bond, it cost 30,000 1B tokens and have 20% chance to upgrade. You can upgrade Lit Sword into Hellfire Shadow Sword, then into Hope Sword. You can get Hope sword from Store boxes or hope raids ( raids are end game content ), or you can farm slayer, get slayer boxes, open them and hope for lit sword ( p.s you can buy lit sword from slayer points shop too ) . Hellfire shadow sword can be obtained from Ant man ( There is scroll called: Ant man scroll, you can get it from slayer points shop or slayer superior monsters, they can appear randomly by killing assigned slayer task monsters / bosses ). Here is some screenshots from armors upgrade tab: As you can see, higher tier items, higher amount of money you will need. Here you can see some accessories for what you should go first, because they gives some nice drop rate bonuses: 25% Dr increasing can can be obtained from Infernal boxes or Lucid warriors ( Lucid warriors more is end game monsters ), you will be able to upgrade it into Ring of Devotion that gives 50% drop rate bonus. After that you can upgrade Ring of Devotion into 50% Dr Increasing Boots. You can also get Ring of Devotion from PVM by killing monsters called: Tokash. Here is some information about Misc tab: On a 4th picture you can see thing about Olympus Bonds, it's like new donator ranks: ***The following Olympus Donator Ranks are in addition to the existing Donator and Ranking system.*** Athenian Donator ($50) All Super Donator benefits Access to the Olympus Exclusive Zone Olympian Donator ($250) All Extreme Donator benefits Unlock the 2nd floor of the Olympus Exclusive Zone Titan Donator ($1000) All Uber Donator benefits Unlock the 3rd floor of the Olympus Exclusive Zone Primordial Donator ($2500) All VIP Donator benefits Unlock the 4th floor of the Olympus Exclusive Zone. Bonds are: $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 Bonds can be acquired by: 1. Upgrader 2. Blood raids, 3. Donating, 4. Treasure hunter Let me show you Forging now, to open Forging interface, right click on Upgrade Statuette and press on Forge Upgrade Statuette: It will opens interface like this: There is one important thing about Forging, most of the items is 100% Success Chance, but there is some items, that have lower chances: Pay attention on a last picture, there is 40% Success Chance, before Forging any item, always check chance. Thank you for reading it, hope it will helps to start your journey in Athens 🙂
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