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  1. Cool event! Gary UIM is joining
  2. How did you find out about Athensps: Didyboiiiii What is your favourite thing to do in-game: Construction and farming, definetely not PVM'ing??? What sort of answer did u expect What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Define best? Most valuable or rare?.. Cabbage What is your favourite item in-game: Sled What number have you chosen: 35
  3. A toxic friendship It all started two years ago, in 2026 when my online friend @didyscape was imprisoned for a charge involving illegal substances and gun possession. We had been planning to meet up in Las Vegas with another friend, @Godzilla, a prestigious detective for a long time. Me? My name is MickeyRSPS, and I am the reason we’re all fucked.. 12/12-2028 - Godzilla invites Didy and me to America This was the day Godzilla and I talked on Discord, and he ended up buying tickets for Didy, and I. Godzilla had been asking about Didy a lot lately, and I hadn’t been able to tell him the truth as I was afraid of missing out on the most significant opportunity to lose my virginity in case the trip got canceled. I had been talking to Didy a lot while he was in prison, and I knew that something had happened to him. He sounded angry and envious every time we spoke about Godzilla however, I choose to ignore it. When Didy lost his ‘Lieber 3-hund’, a creation inspired by the infamous first sequence of The Human Centipede, to Covid-19 in 2022, he decided to tattoo a rectum in his face. This was when his view count started to drop, and he saw a decline in recurring-subscribers on his Viagra Pills ‘Long Didy, Less Pity’. Godzilla had been gaining tons of subscribers because he kept making fun of Didy’s face tattoo on his podcast ‘Pretty little Poo‘. 22/12-2028 – Day 1: Las Vegas or Dasvidaniya? Everything seemed OK at first. We got drunk the first night and gambled a ton on Godzilla’s favorite casino. During the first night, Didy pulled me to the side and told me that he had found a great business opportunity and needed my help to pull it off. I immediately got excited and said YES after he told me it would involve me losing my virginity. He told me we had to do it while Godzilla was sleeping, and the faster we could get him to sleep, the more time we would have to pull it off. Didy came up with the idea of using a bat and knocking him out, and my virgin ass got manipulated into doing it. When I had done it, Didy told me to stab him repeatedly as he said to me that I would be put in jail for the rest of my life if I didn’t. I stabbed him a lot... When I was done, Didy came over to make sure that Godzilla was dead. He then laughed and left the room. That was the last time I saw him. I had been hiding in the Las Vegas sewers for three weeks before your officers found me. Which brings us to today. What is going to happen with me now? “ I have heard enough. Take him away “ - Detective @Smash **** * THIS IS A PICTURE OF 'Lieber 3-hund'
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