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  1. Also with this, Hydra can be added to the wilderness or as a boss in general with Fero Gloves and DHL 🙂
  2. One thing I really enjoy about this server is that there's no absurd non-Runescape theme sets and items on here. I think if the theme continues, bosses such as Callisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion, and Crazy Arch can find it's way in the game (Wildy Slayer or Slayer?), even though Wilderness isn't really made for PVP. Each boss can drop upgrade scrolls or shards for Wildy weapons (Viggora's Chainmace, Craw's Bow, Thamm's Sceptre) that provide a PVM Boost and increase the hits per attack.
  3. Hello all, The dragonstone armor on OSRS has always looked badass, and if we were able to implement the set as a slayer set that gives percent damage -per piece- against slayer tasks would be great. A slight DR bonus as well, less than Salvation and Incursio for sure. New slayer specified weapons such as a Slayer Trident, Slayer Bow, and Slayer Longsword that gives bonus percent damage against tasks as well. This helps break the barrier for all players and Ironman included. Also, this should be from a superior drop, not the point store or a brand new slayer chest that opens with slayer keys dropped from boss tasks.
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