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  1. Hey there, I agree that after the slayer update ::ezoneold has been quite overcrowded in the blood/undead hounds area on peak times. Same for Tokash in ::ezone. That being said, ::lzone and ::uzone mostly handle this situation, so that is an incentive to keep upgrading the limeys. It really does come down to "are there enough spawns for new players to not get locked out of progressing?" I'm just trial server support, so I don't know what will be decided. I can say that I'll at least keep an eye on those areas and try to gather some information for when it gets brought up! Thanks for the input!
  2. Ogre

    Expanded Wiki

    Hey Nate, The only items that seems to be completely missing from your gear guide/weapon progression pages is salvation armor (irons only) and the donation only items. The first 2 points you already have covered in those two pages, but the recommendation was more to expand the wiki so you have a page for each set of custom items. That way you could add a bit more information without having too much info-dump in a single page. It would also be much easier on people being able to search the wiki and find more specific pages that have localized as much information as possible in one place. Like points 3-5 (and I'm sure there's useful information that I'm not thinking of). The trick in custom servers is making sure there's a lot of new "custom" content (obviously), but also that there aren't too many things at the beginning of someone's experience that are confusing, time consuming, and keep people from actually playing. That way they actually stay on the server. I don't think things are over the top currently. It wasn't bad enough to deter me, but as the server grows and more content is added... these small things add up to be a real wall. It can be good future proofing to expand on it now so that it's not as big of a task in the future. You're completely correct that almost all of this information can be found in game, but can sometime be inconvenient to find. Like the NPC drop table in game can be very nice, but requires you to not be doing anything to look at, and I've found the search function just doesn't work when looking for an item. So you'll end up just randomly looking at NPCs drop tables, all the while just bank standing and not really progressing. Having a wiki with all of this information is extremely convenient for newer players. That way they can be looking things up and figuring out how to get their next items while stilling grinding in the client. The 1B shop is also a good example of it being available in-game, but is extremely time consuming and not enjoyable to go through all the items we've accumulated in our bank and 1 by 1 running over to the shop to check the price of all individual items. A possible alternative that would require an in-game change would be to add the 1B shop value of the item in the examine message. I've seen this done before and it can also be a great option. But these tedious, non-rewarding tasks are a huge deterrent that are just ideal to minimize. I hope I don't come across as dissing the work that's already gone in, because it's definitely useful. Expanding it this way would make the wiki a unique resource. In it's current state, the wiki is the same as just directing someone to the guide section of the discord or forums. It would be a LARGE project though. But hey, I figured I'd bring it up and let you guys decide on if it's worth the time investment.
  3. Ogre

    7DS Raids

    This is more of a fun suggestion, but I love the 7DS theme. Once the 7DS items have been around for a while and new items are added above them, you could add a 7DS raid. Either fighting the Sins or the 10 commandments would be really cool custom content that I haven't seen in other servers. Also just thematically, you could add unique fight mechanics to the bosses to reflect their powers in the source material. In my opinion, It would probably make sense for it to be more of a long grind with tradeable 7DS currency as a reward that could buy items once you've collected a large number of it, rather than having something like a 1/100000 drop with DR not effecting it. Just make it a VERY long grind to balance out the possible de-valuation of the items. That way the currency to get the items would be the equivalent value of buying the items through in-name donations. New end game content would also give people with the 7DS gear from the donation shop something more challenging to do ^.^ I'm not there yet, but it'd be cool to see newer harder content to aim for! Lemme know what you think.
  4. Ogre

    Expanded Wiki

    Just a quick suggestion that would be massively helpful for all players, but especially newer players. Have a more all-inclusive wiki that covers the custom items in Athens. Include: 1. Image of the item 2. Stats of the item (Including DR) 3. Value of item when sold to 1B shop 4. Where to obtain the item (and drop rates associated with each source) 5. If the item can be upgraded, link to the upgraded item. (vice-versa for what an item is upgraded from) Mostly the usual wiki overview for items. We have a list of gear progression, but it doesn't have any information other than stats. It's also a little out of date and is missing newer items. It's a lot of work to get setup, but once caught up, it wouldn't be too crazy to just add in new items/changes every update. Would be manageable upkeep for an extremely valuable resource. I'd also volunteer my assistance in helping set it up, if the limiting factor is manpower.
  5. Howdy people, Been playing the server hardcore for a couple weeks now, and figured I should join the forums and introduce myself. I main my ironman "Iron Ogre" in game, and honestly believe this is the best custom server out there for ironman progression. If ya see me bank standing in game, I'm always down to duo slayer or run some raids! Seeya around
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