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  1. Awesome suggestions my man would be a good set that could also maybe possibly give chance at 2x slayer boxes like 1/50 to keep the balance
  2. Id like to see dragon hunter lance in effect with hydra would give karamja gloves good use tbh
  3. I've noticed that its always a rip getting ruby/emerald amulets from those so called "store boxes" 🙂 What would be an amazing way of making said items worth something is this. all new collectors amulet elite(x) With this new amulets youll need 1x ruby(B)/emerald(e) 200t cash at 50% upgrade chance to obtain the collectors amulets (x) with this new collect giving 65%droprate. You can also select which items you want instantly exchange to the 1b shop value into your inventory. For example( skotizo kill and receiving shadow bows rings etc. Or Lexus all those cute armors. Instead of spending that extra time dropping/emptying/banking. You can just bind it all to collectors (x) and you'll be given cash drops instead of all those unwanted pieces. NOW THIS IS WHAT THE HUMANS WANT!! Group iron man mode requires 5 accounts no more no less. Perks of this mode is. No in names, accounts are unable to donate, no dropping or picking up, donation points store unavailable to group iron man accounts( to avoid buying/selling to non irons or regular irons uim) but the awesome thing about this mode will be. All items are shared thoughtout the group for example. (Iron camel has received salvation sword) that means the other 4 in my group also receive salvation swords etc. But how to avoid it being over so quick is that you can only spend 10 hours a day total on your account for all groups so being on all together will be key in this new mode. Thank you for taking the time in reading my suggestion. Please if you have anymore ideas throw down a comment Cheers athens
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