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  1. Forums events and Top voter of the month. Hello everyone, starting from the 01/6/20. We are gonna start hosting weekly forums events/giveaways, the events can be anything from a forums raffle, fashion event to a story time event etc, and if you have a suggestion for a event feel free to dm Draoder or New player on discord with them. Also our first vote event is here and we have a massive opportunity to grow our player base. I'd love to see us make it to a top 10 position this month - and continue pushing to reach our goal of 200+ players again. Please help us get there! We are also gonna be rewarding the top 5 voters every month. The number 1 voter of every month gets the voting hat for 2 weeks (very OP hat) All the top 5 voters also gets a FREE discord nitro for a month. You can also check the current top 5 voters on the home page for Athens-PS. Link for the home page: https://athensps.org/ Goodluck and enjoy. -Athens-PS staff team.
  2. x2 Drops Scroll (2hr) AND drop rate bonuses do not work on ALL "Mass Bosses, raids and slayer boxes". Mass Bosses Include: Dark Purplefire Wyrm. Groudon. Infernal Beast. Blackstone Warmonger. Hellfire Dragon. Vorago. Drops that drop rate work on but not x2 Drop Scroll. Angelic Warriors: Angelic Helm. Angelic Body. Angelic Legs. Angelic Cape. Angelic Boots. Angelic Gloves. Angelic Shield. Tokash: Ring of Devotion. Hellfire Wizards: 2x drops works on the wizards for cash drops only. Hellfire Battlestaff. Electric Wizards: 2x drops works on the wizards for cash drops only. Electric Battlestaff. Drops that BOTH drop rate and x2 Drop Scroll do not work on. Lucid Warriors: Custom Justiciar Helm. Custom Justiciar Body. Custom Justiciar Legs. Angelic Warriors Angelic Maul. Infernal Rangers: 2x drops works on the infernal rangers for the cash caskets only. Infernal minigun Blackstone range legs Blackstone range body Blackstone range helm Blackstone range gloves Blackstone range boots A percentage of drop rate works but drops are not doubled Boss of the day adds a additional 100 dr towards the boss listed on boss of the day Vorkath. Greater K'ril Tsutsaroth. Zamorak. Prestige bosses drop cash (which has a chance at double) but the gems are not double 2x drop scroll works on the base 1/1 cash drops from the prestige bosses. Rammernaut. Dreadnaut. Harlak Ballak Yklagor
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