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  1. First of all I just want to say I've only played this game for a few months on a few accounts but I've had some amazing times and it's all down to these guys. Love you all- Hulk/ Iron Hulk Owners Escanor Escanor is a true leader, for obvious reasons, we all love him because of his devotion to making this server as good as it is. Absolute legend. Smash Smash has helped me out personally on many occasions, he has always been 100% fair and I can honestly say that I've made a good friend in him since the very first day I started this game. Community/Staff Manager Draoder Goes without saying, this guy's a beast, I've never personally spoke to him but I've seen him a lot ingame and seen how he interacts with the community and I'm made up we have a guy like him on our staff team. Content Assistant Blackheartdb I haven't yet came into contact with Blackheartdb but I'm looking forward to meeting him as I've heard great things. Mycenatch Hahaha mycenatch is a funny guy, makes us all laugh on a regular basic and is always active which is what we all love to see. Global Administrator Interesting Top dog of the server, one rich MF hahaha, you've always been good to me and we always ended up making some good deals/trades. Wolf Wolf is a good friend of us all, very active in my timezone, and is always there to sort any problems out, doesn't take any **** though 😉 Sanido Haven't played with Sanido in a while but I remember when I first started and he was one of the first persons to help me get involved in events and stuff, I'm pretty sure I made my first 10T that event as well hahaha. Administrators Godzilla Absolute legend, we all know this guy is a BEAST. His guides are absolutely flawless and I really suggest you ALL check them out - ::Godzilla Interesting Hmmm... Interesting, he is interesting indeed, very active staff member and always involved in the community. Always see him online and he's always there for all of us when we need assistance. Also I've made a lot of money from this guys events so Interesting, I owe you one, or ten haha. Infamouspkz My guy Infamouspkz is another RICH MF, another Admin who's constantly active all the time and will always try and be first to fix any problems, very involved with the community and loves to throw events to make us all that $$$ and bring us together. Saint Jimmy Green day all day 😉 Love this guy, always puts a smile on my face, nobody has any bad words to say about him including me, another very active member of staff which we all appreciate. Trial Administrators Artemis Honestly, Artemis is genuinely one of the nicest guys I have ever spoken to, he has a heart of gold and always goes the extra mile to help the playerbase, truthfully though Artemis, in my opinion you are my favourite player/ staff member I have seen in a very long time and I just want you to know that we all love you. Snowman Haven't seen Snow in a while but I've heard a lot about him, I do remember having a laugh with him on the CC conversations and he's always making jokes and throwing banter about, I haven't been on in a while so I hope to see you again soon my man. Global Moderator Nate Hahaha where to begin, Nates an absolute legend, never had a problem with him and never will, always got everybody's back and keeps the player base smiling, never change mate. Freaxx99 I loved this guy since I started but the other day I was doing slots and he sniped like $30-50 worth of bonds and I got nothing ahahhaha, apart from that Freaxx we love you and keep on that Ironman grind! New Player Haven't seen this guy, sorry. Haven't played in a while, only just came back from a couple of months break. Blitz Blitz is a true G, funny guy and always very supportive, haven't played with him in a while but I'm sure we will be giving eachother banter again very soon 😉 Moderator Munjeezy Legend, enough said (nah jokes, i can go on all day about this lad), lucky MF with his RNG but on the staff side of things, you're gonna go a long way my mate. Sk1l I always seen Sk1l as an Admin in my eyes, he was always an incredible player nevermind staff member, so helpful and considerate to everyone, Server Support Uim This guy is another of my favorite's, so bloody helpful and always goes that extra mile!! Best ironman support anyone could ask for. Vitali Another legend in himself, got the RNG gods on his side recently aswell, haven't spoke to you much recently so lets change that ay ;), love seeing how you hold down that CC with all of your support man, we all appreciate you. Cashapp Active AF, you're doing so well cash and we all love speaking to you. Always love the CC conversations ahaha. Every server needs someone like Cashapp Trial Server Support Ironlind Another helpful MF - Always straight in for help especially for new players and ironmen, he sorted me right out when I started my ironman, thank you Ironlind for all your help man seriously, you're a top guy. Fury Another funny AF guy, always positive and makes a lot of new players feel comfortable, even at peek times he is actively going out of his way to help, TY man. Vault Active AF on my timezone, love how active he is in the CC as well as we need that, always one of the first to answer any questions and one day that blue helper sign will turn into a Crown of whatever colour you desire, trust me 😉 Honesty, this is literally the best staff team I have ever seen and I never EVER want to see any of you replaced.
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