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  3. Welcome to the official treasure hunter key guide, In this guide we will be running over the basics, Showing you where to use the keys, What the crystals do and a brief look at some loots obtained from the chest. How do we obtain treasure hunter keys? -You can obtain treasure hunter keys by donating or winning Youtubers giveaways -You can obtain from logging on and using the daily system for keys and crystal packs -You can obtain as a reward from floor 8 keys in the forgotten abyss What are the crystals used for? The treasure hunter crystals are used to increase the chances of you receiving better loots from the chest ( 50% Boost on rares ) It will cost you 1 key & 1 crystal per spin How to get started Once you have donated or won some treasure hunter keys you will need to claim then by clicking on them, Once you have done that you will need to head ::home if you look on the building north east after teleporting ::home you will see this chest shown below Once you click the chest you will see this interface open From here in the top right hand corner you will see the amount of keys or crystals you have claimed, If you want to use crystals make sure you tick the “Use crystals” in the bottom right hand corner before clicking spin or quick spin There are two types of keys and crystals the normal keys and crystals (referred to "blue Crystal loot below) and the enchanted keys and crystals (referred to "purple crystal loot below), which give better loot for a higher price. I hope you found this guide useful and easy to understand!
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