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  1. Owners Escanor - Never really spoken or seen him but he has a great server and its active whens he online, Seems to care about his commuinty and staff team, Very respectable and polite guy. Smash - Only seen & spoken to Smash once or twice, Well mannered and polite person, Cares alot about the server & community, Well liked & well resepected, Does a fantasic job for the community. Content Assistant Blackheartdb - Never seen or spoken to this person however, If hes anything like the other staff memebers im sure hes really kind & caring also well respected. Mycenatch - Seen him on the server, Never spoken to him but he is always active and helps the community, Seems to be a really nice person. Global Administrator Draoder - Really nice person, Well mannered and polite, also active and helps when he can, Always seems to have a good laugh and looks after the community. Wolf - Great person and very helpful, Answers alot of questions and always replies to the communtiy in the yell or CC, Great edition to the staff team. Sanido - Never seen Sanido, Dont really know what to say but dont take this personal. Administrators Godzilla - Great streamer and Admin, Always active to the community and helping those who need it, Brings the community great content on Youtube and has some amazing & helpful guides for begginers, His videos bought me to Athens & made me start the ironman grind, Keep up the great work my man! Interesting - Never really spoken to this peroson however, Very active and helpful, Well mannered and polite as well, Always offering to help those in Yell or CC who ask him. Infamouspkz - Never spoken to this person, Seen them online a few times and helps when asked. Saint Jimmy - Spoken to Jimmy a few times asking for help & advice, Always helpful and well mannered, Active alot as well and helps the community alot, Great person to the staff team, Keep up the good work. Global Moderator Nate - Havent spoken to Nate much, Seems really active and polite, Very calm and never seems to get angry, Great addition to the staff team. Artemis - Spoken to Artemis a few times, Been very helpful at the start giving me advice where to begin etc, Very well mannered and polite, Very unstandable as well, Great person to the team and always active. Keep up the good work! Snowman - Never spoken to Snowman however, Seems to be very active & helpful, Always answers the community in Yell & CC when spoken or asked questions about the server. New Player - Never seen this person online. Blitz - Never seen this person online. Moderator Munjeezy - Never spoken to Munjeezy but i have seen him on the server, Very well mannered & polite, Always helping the community when they need it. 18 wheeler - Never seen this person online. Sk1l - Seen this person online a few times, Very active & always replies to the community, Very polite & well mannered. Freaxx99 - Never spoken to Freaxx99, However, Seen him active alot & hes always helping in Yell/CC, Always tells people when enough is enough, Great addition to the staff team. Server Support Muffin Man - Never spoken to Muffin Man, Seen him online a little bit, Seems active & helpful when online, Always supports & helps the community. Trial Server Support Vitali - Always active & Helpful, Answers most questions asked in Yell/CC, Never spoken to him personally but seems very polite and well mannered. Cashapp - Never seen or spoken to Cashapp. Poseidon - Seen Poseidon online several times, When hes online hes very polite and helpful, Also tells people where to look for guides when a new player joins the server. Uim - Very well mannered & polite, Very funny in Yell/CC but people do take him serious, Always replies to the Yell/CC and helps out alot, Great addition to the team. Elite Monk - Very very active & helpful, Never personally spoken to this user before but i have seen them online, Always helps & answers questions when asked. * Staff of the month * [Rebel] - Artemis.
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