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  1. Welcome Newbies to the #1 Custom RSPS! Today, I'll be teaching you how to start out. The ones highlighted in Gold are very important things so take note of them. When you log-in to the game for the very first time, you will receive a kickstarter box. You will need 1hr of playing time before opening, but it's the way you'll get started. Okay, first things first, head on over to ::train to get your combat stats up. When you get there, open your mini-map and it should reveal the numbers of each monster NPC. I suggest working your way up the numbers until you reach the 5th and last NPC where you will be staying until you can collect at least 150 mystery boxes. Once you get 150 mystery boxes, you can right click and use the "open all" feature and get some bones to get your prayer to 99. Once you get the bones, head on over to ::altars and use the bones on the altar. When you do, a pop-up should appear for how many bones you will use. Right click on the text, then select X and input the number you have. Once you get 99 prayer, you will need Soul Split to avoid dying from bosses. To get it, pray on the Chaos altar at ::altars. After all that grinding for 150 Mystery Boxes, you must have had an hour of playing time. Open the kickstarter box and it should give you 50 1b tickets and a 99 lamp. Use the 99 lamp on Slayer. When you get to 99 Slayer, you can now do custom bosses. To do this, use the command "::changebravek." You may change the difficulty of the tasks by doing ::seteasy, ::setmedium, ::sethard. Keep in mind, this does not mean easier NPCs to kill. This means you will need more kills as the tasks increase in difficulty, but it also means you will have more Slayer Boxes at the end of each 10 tasks streak... Key note, you can also get slayer boxes while doing a task, and the higher the HP of the NPC you're killing for your task, the higher chance for that NPC to drop a Slayer box. Bravek is found at the south of home inside a little shack. DO NOT LOSE HOPE! When you start out custom boss slayer, you will most probably be given tasks that take a while to finish like Darklords or Skotizos, but this is where we all started out. Once you finish your first 10 task streak, things get a little easier, because now, you will have the option to sell the Slayer boxes which go around for 400 1b tickets each, or opening them for a chance of some juicy loot to sell to players for cash to get a better weapon. As you do Slayer, more bosses will be unlocked thus increasing the variety of bosses you may do. If you feel like you can not do a certain task, head over to Bravek and block that task or cancel it. Don't worry, in the future, you may remove the block so you may do them again. Another thing to do is NPC tasks and Starter Tasks. You may view it by opening the server tools (the blue wheel icon beside the bag) then looking at the top right of that tab, there should be a little wheel that says "tools" It should reveal a number of things like teleports, NPC drop tables, and many more, but the things you should be looking at are the Starter Tasks and NPC Tasks, because they reward juicy items for starters. This is where your grind begins. Do your Slayer tasks until you can progress higher into the weapon list and GIT GUD! Weapon Progression: Almost everyone will start out with the same weapons. A Golden minigun into a Frost minigun, into a Dragon minigun. The weapon progression list goes as follows. After getting your Dragon minigun, you may now choose from the 3 different types of weapons. The list is in order from worst to best that are attainable at the moment. For Melee, Lit sword Hellfire Shadow Sword Hope Sword Salvation Sword (Ironmen Only) Ghrazi Rapier Scythe of Vitur Custom Ghrazi Rapier Custom Scythe of Vitur Kril's Sword Kril's Scythe Seismic Maul Seismic Maul (u) Divine Axe Rhitta For Magic, Hellfire Battlestaff Electric Battlestaff Hope Staff Salvation Staff (Ironmen Only) Sanguinesti Staff Custom Sanguinesti Staff Kril's Magic Staff Seismic Wand Seismic Wand (u) Morning Star Aldan For Range, Rainbow Minigun Limey Bow (These are mainly used for Upgrading, but they could also be a good weapon at the start.) Animal Bow Salvation Bow (Ironmen Only) Hope Crossbow Athens Supreme Crossbow Athens Supreme Bow Blood Twisted Bow Custom Blood Twisted Bow Vorkath Bow Vorkath Crossbow Seismic Bow Seismic Bow (u) Owner Darts Twin Bow Herritt This conludes the beginner guide. Goodluck Grinding!
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