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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions man! There were a few things in this list that have already been suggested and are already being looked in to! To start off, making super/ultra/supreme box loot notable would bring way too much cash in to the eco. We're talking hundreds of quad. The money is there if the players want to take the time to sell it, if they want to be lazy, thats on them. I like all of the commands options except ::slots, as it isn't that hard to just tele to ::gkey and walk a few tiles. I like the idea of extended tasks, could add it like OSRS and you pay X amount of slay points per task you want to extend etc. I don't like the idea of choosing favorites, hence why there is a block option. An auto yell option would just introduce unnecessary spam w/ people selling items, unless it was for youtuber ranks only. Dragon miniguns are already super common from slayer, and so many more have been introduced in to the game from the update before the halloween update. I personally don't think they need to be supremes/ultras. The Public Announcements also recently got reworked with the update before the halloween update. I'm with Display on the Halloween update, I don't think anything needs to be touched. Sorry this was all out of order! I will however get this suggestion mentioned to the higher ups, as there are a lot of good ideas here! 🙂 Thanks for the ideas and keep them coming! We're always looking for new ways to improve!
  2. Owners Escanor - Haven't had much interaction with Escanor in my few weeks playing, but with how the server is going he has proven that he's capable as an owner. Smash - Constantly on and interacting with the community (which in my personal experiences is a rare occurrence on private servers). He responds to his discord messages with the quickness and continues to smash (haha) any small disagreements that could lead to bigger problems in a very timely and professional manner, always treating everyone equally. Content Assistant Blackheartdb - I have not seen Black on much in my few weeks play time, but from what I have seen he has been an outstanding guy, and although I don't know what roles he plays within the server I'm grateful for the continuous updates and solid content. Mycenatch - Always there for the new players, offering assistance when need be and willing to extend a hand. I am grateful for all the he has done with the recent updates and continuous adds to content. Same with Black, he has done well with the content and handling of his role. Global Administrator Draoder - #1 grinder and down to earth guy. I do not have a lot to say on him other than his help when there are events going on is A1 whenever ironmen when and his presence is never a negative encounter. Wolf - Don't know Wolf at all, and have not seen him in game a lot. He seems to blend in and really be a big part of the staff team. Sanido - Constantly on and offering a helping hand. One of the more active admins and always willing to help and plays a big part of the community. Administrators Godzilla - Solid streamer/content creator and has done a good job at showing what Athens is all about. Always willing to help new players and get people going. Interesting - Have not seen him on a lot. Seems like a good guy always willing to help. Infamouspkz - Again, I have not seen him in game a lot in my few weeks play time, I do not have a lot to say. Saint Jimmy - Jimmy, where to start. In my few weeks of playtime he was recently promoted and has shown that he is willing to go more than the extra mile for people and the community. He is truly an invaluable member of the community and the staff team. I'll keep it short and sweet, but what he does for the server/community is in my opinion leaps and bounds ahead of most of the other staff. Global Moderator Nate - Outstanding guy and always offering a helping hand, consistently offering a hand letting players know he's active. Artemis - I haven't had much interaction with Art, but every time I have he's been an outstanding guy and always willing to offer input. Snowman - Was a big help to me when I first started, and continues to show how much he cares for the community and continues to show his support for the players and his role. New Player - I started whenever you were not around, and I've not seen much of you but from what I have seen you've kept a professional attitude and have always tried to help if you can. Blitz - Always answers pm's and always willing to help, also always showing a positive attitude. Moderator Munjeezy - I have not had much contact with him since he has been a mod, but he was outstanding as support and I'm glad to see him move up. 18 wheeler - Always down to help and always gets involved. Has been an extraordinary member of the staff team and I believe he fulfills his role to the highest degree. He has been all over everyone getting involved in these staff feedback's and I think it is very valuable to learn from your peers and get everyone's feedback. He has been a huge help in my Athens career and continues to show he is more than capable of his role and deserves it. Sk1l - Another staff member I have not had much contact with but, I do see him fulfilling his role as a valuable member of this community and team. Freaxx99 - Always getting useful help and a solid attitude from him while at the iron boss. All around good guy, and I have had zero negative interactions with him. Seems to fulfill his role as a member of this community and team. Server Support Muffin Man - He has been an outstanding server support and has done the most within his capabilities. I have not seen him on recently but that could be due to differing time zones and other things going on. Trial Server Support Uim - I personally did not have any sour interactions with Uim, but before I say any more he has had a "change of heart" in the last few days with his recent promotion to trial support. However, I did see him butt heads with players for seemingly no reason before his current position, but has shown that he has hopefully learned from his mistakes and continues to be one of the most active staff members. Elite Monk, Vitali, Cashapp, & Poseidon - I do not have much interaction with them, nor did I know then before their promotions. When they are on I dothem him try and fulfill their roles with being active and offer support when need be. Staff Of The Month : 18 wheeler!!!
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