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  1. id be down to see how this plays out.
  2. Hello AthenPS, I'm Thomas, I've started only a few weeks ago here at Athens and i'm just truly loving the server! I've found this community to be loving and just all around great people. So i figured it was only fit to finally post my welcomes on the forum's itself. A little bit about me i'm a IT and i'm no working as of right now due to covid and due to be disabled so i spend a ton of my time playing the server and Streaming late nights on YouTube! If you would like to watch my channel you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ItrollThomass Feel free to stop by when i'm live as i will be having relaxing music and just chilling with everyone willing to hang out! Look forward to see what the future holds here at AthensPS, until then take care and see ya in-game! -Thomas
  3. This wouldn't have to be used for every item in the upgrade. more towards the dragonkin lamps and possibly the mystery boxes/super boxes making it a faster thing to do since they can really stack up and make it ridiculous to click nearly 1k+ times.
  4. Would love to see offhands added into this guide and updated guide since the big update.
  5. Thomas

    Darklord boss

    the npc's already have a chance to drop the items on the shop itself.
  6. It would be fantastic if the slayer task remaining could be present on our main screen instead of having to go back and forth looking at the quest tab/scrolling all the way down. maybe near the right hand side of our screen.
  7. very great stuff to see! the POS looks so CLEAN! def a game changer imo. An loving that lamps wont be as hard now to upgrade chance wise. makes it easier for ppl to get that max cape when they join/also prestige. keep on doing what ur all doing to improve this server. def will be streaming on youtube as well to get the name out there more.
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