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  1. peroni

    Survivor raids.

    I completely agree! Semi agree with Nate however the "common" players (I.e not max gear or x2 raid scroll) get punished because of the rich. We can't have more cash drop because? Someone else can kill quicker and get x2 loot? Bit unfair Same can be said about majority of things in the server, Just because someone in BIS gear or with high DR makes a lot it gets nerfed? Making it harder for the newer players
  2. Ability to TAB to reply to private messages (Regardless if they're on friends list or not) Customise your F-KEYS Ability to filter the in game messages you want to see (Slightly annoying with the amount of drops/boxes people open) Instead of claim X on 1B tickets just have Claim all Slightly more NPC's in certain areas (Getting overpopulated and people in better gear attacking your NPC's) When using dragonkin lamps have a right click option on how many you want use on that particular skill Somewhere sell the junk from starter boxes - Pointless opening them currently just clogging up bank Anymore I can think of I'll be sure to post Peroni (AKA GOAT)
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