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  1. @Godzilla @Nate @Artemis it’s great to be here, thanks for the warm welcome! Good to see some familiar faces around here too 😉
  2. Thanks for the feedback my guys ♥️ Should hopefully have an official release on my newest project by the weekend, will try to include pictures of animations, specs etc 😉♥️
  3. Howdy all, So I’m new here, figured I’d share some models, some are fairly poor, some are half decent ☺️ 90% have actually been tested 🤭 Thanks for taking a look ☺️
  4. Howdy! Lets start off with the obvious, I’m new here - hence the introduction. Names Dec irl, however Most people know me as Stormz in this Sort of community, I’m 28 from the UK. By trade I’m a mechanic have been for years, like to get down and dirty 😏 work a lot of hours so free time is restricted to an extent. Speaking of free time, if I don’t have my little boy, I’m usually at the gym(when they reopen) or sat behind that screen either playing RSPS or Creating models for rsps. thats pretty much me in a nutshell I guess? 😅 speaking of models while I have your attention! This is my latest project 😏 part 1 of 3(it’s a 3 piece model) p.s forgot to add as I like to rabbit on, The lovely Nate told me about you guys and this server 😉
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