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  1. Idk if both can be put but i want my plat to show on forums if possible https://imgur.com/AgP7c5E
  2. This idea hasn't been suggested before, but I think some of the black clover weapons and amours should be added into athens as premium items, the 7ds weapons did extremely well and didn't ruin eco, and I see a lot of people on athens talk about black clover and anime in general, so I think adding different weapons and armors with bonuses would be a hit a list of items I think the athens community would love to see. BLACK CLOVER: • Asta's Anti magic sword(s), Demon Destroyer and Demon Dweller, Owner Cape variant of Asta's "Black Form" with one Demon wing. • Asta's 5 leaf Grimoire as a possible drop to get a chance at these items, like book of omens, I feel like having 2 books to grind for end game items would get more people involved with grinding towards these items. Or could be made into a mage book like the Tome Of Chaos. • Yuno's Spirit Of Zephyr Melee Sword, Paired with the Crown as maybe a Owner Party Hat style? • Noelle's Valkyrie Armor Set • Captain Yami's Samurai Sword Reply with comments on what other items you'd like to see in the community and ill update the forum with the person who suggested it and what they suggested.
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