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  2. Wolf Sanido Killertje12 Joe D4stroyer Insomnium Dr nom nom Muffin Man Ahmadz07 Archie Snowman HeyThere SooWoo Raven I slay thc Coveplays Rmtank slappinkids Frost Slaya Ygge MrAdolf Yeehaw SaintJimmy Trix Bobby Normanprice
  3. Welcome to Athens 1st ever bingo PVM, this event will be ran by myself, so if you have any questions feel free to pm me ingame! The event will run from 7/22/2020 @ 8pm EST until 8/3/2020 @ 8pm EST Sign ups end 7/23/2020 @ 8pm EST How it will work: Please reply with your in-game name below to be entered into the bingo competition. We will be using a website to make random teams of 2 or 3 players depending on how many people sign up. The aim of the game is to complete as many tiles as possible, if not all of them as a team. You will need to provide proof you have completed the tile. Proof can be submitted like so, and placed on your board. You need to have the date and time in your screenshot as well for it to count. Events during bingo : There will be events hosted during bingo like FFA, hide and seeks, etc. If you win one of those, not only will you get a free tile in the middle of the board but you will also get 1 tile marked complete of your choice. (ONE PER A TEAM) Rules: - ANYONE FOUND TO BE HOARDING BOXES/UPGRADE-ABLE ITEMS BEFORE THE EVENT WILL BE DQ'D - ALL UPGRADES MUST BE MADE FROM SCRATCH (GET THE BASE ITEM FROM A BOX/DROP AFTER THE EVENT STARTS, FOR THE RAIDS WEAPON YOU CAN FORGE IT IF THE STONES ARE FROM DROPS AS WELL) - PLEASE TRY TO KEEP YOUR DROP RATE UNDER 600 TO KEEP IT FAIR FOR EVERYONE Prizes: MVP ( the person who completely the most tiles ) - $50 ingame donation (provided by Rmtank) 1st place - STORE BOX 2nd place - $25 bond 3rd place - $10 bond Finally lets get to the board! TEAM BOARDS - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fHmH_sSbrzvmPN8jIfhjKAwLBD7_1QnChRLMLCaMZEg/edit?usp=sharing THE TEAMS TEAM 1 - BOBBY / RAVEN / GODZILLA TEAM 2 - WOLF / ARCHIE / JOE TEAM 3 - RMTANK / SANIDO / SAINTJIMMY TEAM 4 - MRADOLF / KILLERTJE12 / MUFFIN MAN TEAM 5 - I SLAY THC / SNOWMAN / YGGE TEAM 6 - D4STROYER / FROST / COVEPLAYS TEAM 7 - SLAYA / TRIX / SPIDERMAN TEAM 8 - DR NOM NOM / HEYTHERE / AHMADZ07 TEAM 9 - SOOWOO / YEEHAW / SLAPPINKIDS WINNERS Slaya / Trix / Spiderman won store boxes for first place Soowoo / yeehaw / slapinkids won $25 bond ea Soowoo also won a $50 bond for mvp 3rd place is a tie Mradolf, Killertje12, Muffin Man, Wolf (dont give him it lol), Artemis and interesting Ironman teams
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