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  1. It doesn't work, it says you can only have one account Mining on the same IP.
  2. Hello Athens, The AFK island is an awesome way of getting passive money/ammo for any of your accounts. I was having a little talk with @Interesting and he told me it's forbidden to AFK on the island on 2 accounts at the same time. If 2 of those accounts were to be "main/normal" accounts, I totally feel you. However, I do feel like it should be allowed to have 1 "main/normal" account and 1 iron account afk at the same time. It's more playercount for this server, and the gains from the ironman can't really hurt the aco, let me know what you think! 🙂
  3. Hi folks, Decided to stick around for the long run, love the community and the kindness here. Big s/o to @Saintjimmy for being extremely helpful. Cyu ingame!
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