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  1. Please see the latest staffing changes below with some good news, and some regrettable news! Promotions @Ogre has been promoted to Trial Moderator @Cashapp has been promoted to Trial Global Moderator @veng has passed his trial period and been promoted to Global Moderator @Infamouspkz has been promoted to Trial Administrator Demotions: @Yogi Bear, @vault and @Artemis have all stepped down from there respective positions in staff and we wish them the best of luck.
  2. Nate

    Telos Guide

    Hello and welcome to the newly added Telos content guide! In this guide you will find the requirements, gear, and what you need to do overall to defeat Telos! Requirements: 250 Prestige 500 Kills each of: Vorkath, K'ril and Zamorak Getting there: There is a Dark Portal just north of ::home Once you enter the raid you will enter a location like below: The moment you enter the raid through the dark portal the raid has essentially begun. The Raid: There will be different NPC's with different strengths against combat styles. You will need to fight 3 of Each Combat Minion listed Below. Telos Range Minion: Has 2 Million Health Has protection against Ranged. You will need another combat style to use against this Minion. Telos Mage Minion: Has 2 Million Health Has protection against Mage. You will need another combat style to use against this Minion. Telos Melee Minion: Has 2 Million Health Has protection against Melee. You will need another combat style to use against this Minion. Once you have defeated all the NPC's above a Global Announcement will announce that Telos has appeared! Telos Portal will appear in the middle of the Map (South East from last NPC that you kill) Telos is vulnerable against all attacks. The Mechanics of this fight: Telos: Spawns every 7 Minutes Has 5 Million Health -He will pull you, and your whole team closer in an attempt to almost 1 hit you as he does hit 90+ in this stage. -When Telos feels like he is about to die he will Teleport you out of the room Once you Have defeated Telos you will receive a Telos Reward Key in your Inventory. This Key will be able to be used on the Telos Reward Chest found at the Entry of the Raids area. See the potential loot below:
  3. Hi @corruption please edit your post and provide the information as everyone else has done.
  4. How did you find out about Athensps: Wolf told me about this Server What is your favourite thing to do in-game: Kill Antmans and do slayer. What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Crystal Helm What is your favourite item in-game: Nate's Spirit Spear What number have you chosen: 50
  5. Mine would be starting out the game and going what the hell do I do? This was around the time that Old school runescape was the only type of runescape. I was roughly around 10 when I started playing it. I was playing up until I was about 16, had great items let my mate log into my account and found that my Party Hat, all my cash, and all my good gear was gone and he had "no idea: about it.. After that I quit the RS Scene. Moral of the story here is don't let mates borrow your account
  6. Hi @Logan X D I do appreciate the suggestion. I believe a suggestion similar to this has been made before. I believe the closest thing we have at the moment is the "Drop Log" but still isn't entirely accurate. A proper Collection Log will be amazing however and I will pass this suggestion onto the relevant teams.
  7. The Riddle Event has been completed in full!! Thanks to all those that participated in the event. The winners are: First Place: @Logan XD Second Place: @flafffy - paid Third Place: @👑V 3 N U M👑 - paid When you are online, please PM myself or Artemis to claim your rewards
  8. This is a great suggestion. I have added it to the right location for the right people to see in the background 🙂
  9. Do not post your screenshots here, PM only myself or Artemis on discord: Bernie#1480 Nate#0006
  10. I am excited to announce the following staff changes! @V 3 N U M and @thedoncaban have been given Trial Support @Gareth and @Real Leo have passed Trial Support @Rebel has been promoted to Trial Moderator @Fury and @Lindgren have been given Trial Global Moderator @Infamouspkz has passed Trial Global Moderator @Munjeezy has passed Trial Administrator
  11. Hi @Logan X D I do appreciate the time you have taken to consider this suggestion and write something up. At the moment, there is more than enough tightly packed npc's in a certain area in the zone 1 and zone 2 portals that you can essentially click right behind you and still continue to attack with only a split second loss of time. On top of this, a lot of people doing slayer are using some sort of ranged attack weapon which doesn't require you to move very much too. I do not agree with this suggestion.
  12. Nate

    Bank note

    Hi @vidieo king Thankyou for your suggestion. Something like this is still similar to other multiple suggestions that have been made about selling items to the 1b shop as noted. Even limiting the amount of noted items to be sold at a time will still flood the eco with cash as it's a lot quicker to sell 20 noted items at a time than what it is to sell 1 item at a time to the shop. Apologies but this suggestion will also be denied.
  13. Welcome to the forums mate glad to see you are loving the server so far! Will see you ingame!!
  14. Nate

    Bank fix

    Hi @Poseidon, Thankyou for your suggestions. I will pass this onto the right people and see what we can come up with for a few of your points that you have mentioned.
  15. It is with great sadness to announce that @sk1l our Events Manager has decided to step down from his role as a Staff Member of Athens. His efforts were always noticed by all in the community and he will be missed. We wish you the best of luck with everything in the future and we will see you around in-game!
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