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  1. Nice work man! Looking forward to seeing more from you!
  2. Awesome work on the update! Can't wait to jump in yeeeet
  3. I do agree to some extent but don't forget the multipliers that are on every second weekend for surv raids along with now the extre scrolls you can use to take owner items, along with x2 drops in raids. These have their own benefits which make farming Surv raids much more profitable.
  4. I think the benefits you get per donation rank is fine as they are at the moment. The only thing I can think of is adding more bosses to certain zones that may not be there already but generally speaking the bosses you would normally farm would already be in the zones you have access to and is more just for convenience than anything. I also agree with Jimmy that there won't be an autocomplete slayer task thing, even at a low chance. It will make things go too quick and effect the eco IMO.
  5. Great update! Looking forward to being able to take my owner items into raids hopefully soon! 😉
  6. Nate

    uim qols/qols

    - I like the un noted rocktails in raids if you have a full invy. Problem is they will disappear after a short amount of time so this could cause issues for the UIM collecting their food either way though. - With the coll neck filter idea it's a good idea and I believe has been suggested a few times before but unsure if this is possible. - Looting bags have been suggested before. Unsure of the future plans for this but would be a nice addition for UIM's. - This suggestion is debatable. This might be a hard no tbh because at any point an iron can just de-iron himself as many have done before with a stack of slayer shop items.. I know that the UIM is being looked into, don't know much more than that tbh but I know improvements on every aspect of the game are constantly being considered so definitely keep a lookout!
  7. Nate

    raid QOL

    +1 to this idea. I have had the same issue a few times before and this will be an awesome QOL improvement! I do apologise for this not being responded to earlier just never noticed it! There are now two posts on this in suggestions and is a great QOL improvement. I hope to see this in-game soon!
  8. Nate

    Raids QOL

    Hi @not red sorry I didn't see your post! I will reply to it to 🙂
  9. Nate

    Raids QOL

    +1 to this idea. I have had the same issue a few times before and this will be an awesome QOL improvement!
  10. Very nice! Now you have to show us what you got from the boxes in that list..
  11. Nice man! Would be good to see totals of it too instead of trying to calc them all 🙂
  12. Nice clean guide mate! Keep up to good work 🙂
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