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  1. I agree with this suggestion and think it would be a nice change and helpful to see the spawn alerts easier.
  2. Would be a lot of spam unless the devs figure out a way that the spawns don't happen too close to eachother? Like code it so they are always 5 mins apart from the last event spawn or something?
  3. Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) Yes, by me specifically in discord beta-suggestions but following the appropriate process.Will this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) No Is this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) No What do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? No overall impact and more of a QOL thingWhat is your suggestion? It would be good to see a 1 minute alert come up in the cc for an event boss about to spawn. It could show up something like: Event News: ::tectboss will spawn in 1 minute! Event News: ::titanboss will spawn in 1 minute! Event News: ::delboss will spawn in 1 minute! I think doing this will give player the heads up and get to the event boss in time before the spawn.
  4. Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) Don't believe so.Will this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) No. If anything it will provide more uses for the operate function.Is this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) No.What do you think the overall impact to the Server will be?. Nothing, just creates an extra operation to the "Operate" button on the gloves.What is your suggestion? When selecting "Operate" on the gloves which you have attached the slayer gloves attachment to while not on task to teleport you to your slayer master. So will be: When on task teleport to task. When not on task teleport to slayer master. Also as a side note, the operate function for the gloves only seem to take you to the places where the npc's are found in the teleport menu for prestige slayer. I believe it's because it's a new zone and wasn't coded for the gloves yet but would be good to see that the operate function teleports you to the prestige npc's found in the prestige slayer zone portal.
  5. This would break slayer imo and create more ways to skip over the crappy tasks you don't want.
  6. This update is more focused on fixes and adding small changes to Athens To help with getting more cash flow into the economy we have introduced a new 1T shop at ::ckey and at ::iron Prestige Slayer (Kuradel) has been revamped to include correct Prestige Bosses: Rammernaut: Can be teleported to in the Monsters Teleport Interface Dreadnaut: Can be teleported to in the Monsters Teleport Interface Harlak: Can be teleported to in the Monsters Teleport Interface Ballak: Can be teleported to in the Monsters Teleport Interface Yklagor: Can be teleported to in the Monsters Teleport Interface Bloodshot slayer helmet We have added 3 varients to the bloodshot slayer helmet Added 3 types of bloods to go with the varient Ranged: Magic: Melee: Bloodshot helmet plus omni boss head = the varient of omni slayer helm. Misc Changes Magic staffs/spells fixed to make them progressively better as you get better magic wepons. Raised task amount for prestige slayer tasks All armour sets from Oreo and above have had adjustments to follow progression. New staff commands have been added to move people to afk Boss points have been added to electric wizards and ugly ant man Uber & Deluxe boss slight changes to drops Roof issue for Lzone has been fixed Fixed examine on electric robes to show the right information Combat strategies added to infernal wizard,dragonlava wizard & american rangers Removed spam from opening task boxes Fixed infernal wizard spawn Models for american rangers/trident armour has been fixed Equip Angelic task changed to just helm,body and legs Added slayer superior (hard) to prestige master Changed announced forge for pets/misc to work.
  7. Loving the new update! Can't wait to log in and try this out!
  8. Nice guide mate! Simple, clear and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the time to post this!
  9. Welcome to the most anticipated update for Athens and most definitely the biggest one to date. We are excited to show you the work we have done and for you to finally play! So without further adieu see all the latest changes below! New Home redesign and Area Change! New POS & Banking area in the middle of the home area: Altar Area to the east of ::home General Shops to the North West Slayer Masters to the North Item Upgrader has been replaced by the Upgrade Statues found south of ::home Left click to Upgrade Right Click > Select Forge to forge items Treasure hunter Chest Slightly north east of the banking area. The currencies used for the Treasure Chest are: Treasure Keys Treasure Crystal These currencies are only obtainable through donating. You have the option of doing a "Quick Spin" or a "Spin". There is no difference of reward in the two modes, just one is faster than the other. Rewards: (Can be seen by selecting the Rarity Colours at the top of the screen) Red: (The rewards for the Red Crystal is not completed.) Orange: Yellow: White: Boosts A variety of Melee Boost, Ranged Boost, Magic Boosts, and Trybrid Boosts. When using these if you use two of the same it will restart the timer. You CANNOT stack 5% melee with 10% melee, etc... These range from 5% to 15% New Boxes Vindictive Boxes Task Rewards Box: Awarded when completing task scrolls as well as cash based on the difficulty of the task Daily Rewards Box: Awarded when completing the Daily Tasks Hope Raids Box Blood Raids Box Elite And Regular Accessories Elite Justiciar and Justiciar accessories Justiciar drops it's own Accessories. Elite Incursio and Incursio accessories Elite Tectonic and Tectonic accessories Vindictive accessories New Teleport Menu You can set your Favourites to use for quick teleporting now too. All the different teleport options are along the top. New Omni Fragment and Broken Pieces Vorkath, K'ril, Zammy will now drop broken pieces. The fragments will be used to fix the broken pieces. Vorkath drops K'ril and Zammy Fragments, K'ril will drop Zammy and Vorkath Fragments, Zammy will drop Vorkath and K'ril Fragments Max Hit Bonus You can now see your max hit on the Equipment bonuses Hope Items Elite hope and hope crystal. Must use hope piece, hope crystal, elite angelic piece for that item (ie elite angelic helm+hope helm+45t) Hope Raids: Hope Raids is a replacement of the Solo Raids. You can do this with teammates. To get there, type ::hoperaids. There are different difficulties for the raid, choose from Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Hope Raids Room Black Vitality Room Gold Vitality Room Hope Room Hope devourer Room Blood Raids: Bloodraids is the new replacement to Survivor Raids! There are different difficulties for Bloodraids. Chose either Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Bloodraids can be accessed by typing ::bloodraids Bloodraids room Kill all the Minions that have a Red Ring around them. Each phase has a certain amount of Mages to kill before you can attack the boss. First Wave: Fighting against the Sanguinesti Sorcerer. Second Wave: Fighting against Lord Vitur. Third and Final Wave: Fighting against the Blood Ranger. NPC Changes Oreo Oreo now has a Sword, Shield, Staff, and Bow which is dropped at the following rates: Dark Warrior - New NPC added to Athens Infernal Rangers - New NPC added to Athens Athens Ranger - New NPC added to Athens Rainbow Rex Now has a sword and shield to follow progression Sagittare Now drops it's own ranged set and weapon. Wizard of trident has had a new Makeover Angry Rex Now has a shield and sword drop to follow progression Abaddon now drops the Full Demonic Set New Void weapons and Amulets The two pieces together have a set bonus of 5% Damage Void Melee Set Bonus: +100 Accuracy bonuses and +100 Str Bonus per piece +1000 Str Bonus for all 5 pieces equipped Void Magic Set Bonus: +100 Accuracy bonuses and +1% Magic Damage per piece. +10% Magic Damage for all 5 pieces equipped. Void Range Set Bonus: +200 Accuracy bonuses and +20 Range Strength per piece. +200 Range Strength for all 5 pieces equipped. Elite Void Set Bonus: +120 all Melee Accuracy, +120 Magic Accuracy, +240 Ranged Accuracy and +120 Melee Str, +2% Magic Damage, +24 Ranged Strength per Piece +1200 Str Bonus, +12% Magic Damage, +240 Ranged Strength for all 5 piece equipped. New Slayer Update! Slayer Masters: ::changebravek is no longer used. Vannaka - Easy Tasks Duradel - Easy Tasks x2 | Medium Tasks Kuradel - Easy Tasks x3 | Medium Tasks x2 | Prestige Tasks Sumona - Boss Tasks This means you can get an easy task from Duradel and the quantity will be doubled or tripled etc. New Donator Ranks and Zones! ***The following Olympus Donator Ranks are in addition to the existing Donator and Ranking system.*** Athenian Donator ($50) All Super Donator benefits Access to the Olympus Exclusive Zone Olympian Donator ($250) All Extreme Donator benefits Unlock the 2nd floor of the Olympus Exclusive Zone Titan Donator ($1000) All Uber Donator benefits Unlock the 3rd floor of the Olympus Exclusive Zone Primordial Donator ($2500) All VIP Donator benefits Unlock the 4th floor of the Olympus Exclusive Zone. Bonds are: $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 Bonds can be aquired by: Blood raids, Donating, Treasure hunter Item Grinder The Item Grinder is found to the north east room of ::home This has the chance of giving you: $50 or $100 goodiebag box, 700T cash, Vorkath/k'ril/Zammy shard, Or fail. The rate of failure is 10%. If you use 5 shards, you get the Seismic weapon for that style. Vorkath Seismic Bow, K'ril Seismic maul, Zammy Seismic wand. The item grinder also does the Blood Raid items for $50 or $100 goodiebag box, 400T cash, and with 5 you get the K'ril/Vorkath/Zammy item corresponding to that item. You can also use Vindictive pieces on the item grinder. What this does is give you either a $50 goodiebag box, $100 goodiebag box, or ie Vindictive helm turns into crystal helm. MISC Changes ::thread is now usable from in-game when searching for a guide or post on the forums. Just type ::thread 3519 (Example) and it will take you to Forums Post Number 3519 Human Pet and Human Pet Superior has been fixed and will now attack with you. Can new view your DropRate on items in the NPC Drop Table Checker. Tick the "Display w/ Drop Rate Bonus" on the top left.
  10. This has been addressed. Moved to Archived.
  11. Hi @BabyMudkip Thanks for posting this and apologies for the delay. With the fact that ::kc is already implemented into the game the addition of a Right click > Examine function to show the KC of said monster is an extremely low priority at this stage. On top of this, the ::kc function will need to remain as you will not always be directly next to the monster you are examining for the KC you currently have for said monster. At this stage I would say it's a tentative decline on this and have move this to the Archive section instead as it may be a consideration in the future.
  12. Mine would be starting out the game and going what the hell do I do? This was around the time that Old school runescape was the only type of runescape. I was roughly around 10 when I started playing it. I was playing up until I was about 16, had great items let my mate log into my account and found that my Party Hat, all my cash, and all my good gear was gone and he had "no idea: about it.. After that I quit the RS Scene. Moral of the story here is don't let mates borrow your account
  13. Welcome to the forums mate glad to see you are loving the server so far! Will see you ingame!!
  14. Hi all! Thankyou for taking the time out of your grinding adventure to post a suggestion on the forums to give more life into the already vibrant Athens! This Post is simply to have a correct layout set when posting a suggestion and will give you as the player, along with us as staff a more streamlined approach when posting a suggestion. Please ensure to post the suggestion following the below template.: Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) Will this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) Is this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) What do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? What is your suggestion?
  15. Thankyou for taking the time out to make these suggestions. Please view all my responses to your post in Red.
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