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  1. How did you find out about Athensps: Didyscape What is your favourite thing to do in-game: Slay and give newbies starter items What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Human Pet off slots! What is your favourite item in-game: The Vindictive Set What number have you chosen: 37
  2. When we getting some dubs on warzone zilla O-O
  3. awesome man, as i said im on xbox myself but ive got a 4600 peak. Mostly boost nowadays but sit at like 43-44
  4. Sub topic was empty so i thought id try kick it off Does anyone play any other games on PC or other platforms, if so which ones? Ive always played xbox out of preference to PC, and mostly play Destiny 2, Warzone, Overwatch and Apex Legends Im pretty good at all of em and have reached some of the highest globals on those games. Hmu if you share any interest 😉
  5. Really feel like Magic and Ranged need a prayer similar to turmoil to increase damage output. Similarly maybe turmoil could be changed to boost all three styles Or these prayers could be unlocks from raid rewards / donator ranks etc.
  6. Just wanted to add a few of my suggestions as ive been grinding the server for a few weeks and have noticed some things id like improved / added to the game 1) Bravek tasks - I would like to suggest the addition of ::setelite tasks to Bravek. Basically this just extends your tasks even more as towards end game gear you can smash out tasks pretty quick, and the extra grind for the extra rewards would be lovely. This could be capped by saying maybe you need a set amount of tasks completed to access. For example you must have completed 200 Bravek tasks etc. - Timed slayer tasks - Just a concept, but maybe adding a feature where by completing tasks without a specific time limit gives you an extra reward such as bonus slayer points. Subsequently if you failed to finish the task in time you would lose that task and have to start again with a new one. - Slayer Milestone - Similar to how the slayer streak bonuses work. Would be nice to have other reasons to grind slayer. For example on completion of your 100th Bravek task you get bonus points / boxes / other cosmetic rewards / a title. 2) Pest Control - The mini game itself is great right now, and some of the rewards on offer are really nice. However its currently quite a stress playing the mini game as the 1 minute wait period between games is really dragging. If there was a way for this to be reduced I'm sure the game would be packed. Also, although the points required for items aren't too bad, maybe an added donator benefit would be slightly increased pest control points with each rank. 3) Staff Led events - As we are aware the staff do a huge amount on this server at every level. However an idea to bring the community and especially the new players together would be maybe weekly or bi-weekly staff headed events, where participants are rewarded at end for attending / key players rewarded for helping out etc. So for example a staff member hosting a PC event on one day, for maybe an hour or even less, where everyone who participates is rewarded at the end with some didy/eggy kills or some bonus points / boxes. Would also be some nice video content and could use discord etc to chill during these times. Just a rough idea of course. 4) Video Rewards - As I'm sure the main content creators on the server are rewarded as they deserve, i think some advertisement to the general player base about video making and the rewards they can gain would be great. I find 90% of my servers through youtube, and giving people the added incentive to even start a channel around it i feel could improve the player base greatly. A player with minimal following making a video could earn themselves a 5-10 bond for example, that had to be claimed not sold. And as they progress with their channel / streams / content, these could increase and eventually earn their own content creator ranks etc. Monthly video competitions etc could come into this. 5) Vote Rewards - Although they can be useful, the voting rewards aren't exactly the most glamorous thing on the server. I vote most days just for the growth of the server, but i don't actually have a material incentive to do so, and i feel after a few days most new players give up with voting. Obviously voting is a huge part of advertisement so hopefully something can be added to make it more worthwhile. - E.G More chances for random rewards from claiming votes, Weekly vote competitors, Better vote point store. Just a rough idea 6) Fun item idea - I feel this idea is fairly unique and i haven't seen it around before so ill take credit as it goes ;). So just for a fun idea how about something like Egg drops. These could be dropped from whatever you desire, or could be an extremest rare world drop / from a mass boss. Basically you could get say a Didy Egg, n Eggy Egg (i know), or a Warmonger Egg, a Murica Egg, the list goes on. Basic idea is that if you get one of these eggs you can spawn a normal or higher hp version of the boss / npc for anyone to kill, so people can be generous with them etc. The bosses can have the same standard drop rates / slightly boosted depending on how the system works, but would just be some added content and fun for the players. (side note to avoid clutter maybe could have a basic zone called egg zone or whatever to spawn the NPCs in. 7) Donator benefits) Im sure you've had this a million times but just think as a donator myself, the ranks could use a few more benefits / have some of the current ones touched on. Quick hit list just to go off imo - PC Points - Changing the spin benefit because it becomes a chore to sit and spin 500 odd times haha - I think its in the works but the D / E zone could do with some work as they're a bit unappealing to the eye / useless at times. Maybe some donator exclusive shops that sell ovls or whatever. Maybe A donator fountain thats close proximity to the tele spot for quick rejuvenation. - I cant think of a lot right now but i think donators should be rewarded slightly more. 8 ) Main Activity areas - So basically the game to a mid tier player is broken down into a few areas of actual progress. You can farm bravek slayer, farm some sort of boss, or do raids. Recently clues have been added into that which is a new area of activity but i cant help but feel we need something else to do every time we log onto the game. Some sort of daily tasks for rewards would give people another reason to grind the game. 9) Gear Gap - Just to finish off, i just feel like there's slightly too big of a gear gap between sort of starter tier, mid tier and end game gear. Hopefully at some point we'll be seeing some new gear being added into the game. All i have for now, i had more planned in my head but i've forgotten them at this moment. Sorry for all the reading and thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this.
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