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  1. Athens Magic Weapon Progression Guide This weapon progression guide serves as a way for you as a player to know what comes next in way of upgrades to your magic setup. Starting from the earliest magic weapons you will use, we will cover all the weapons and stats that you will use as you progress to the end game! Table of contents: Early Game Weaponry Mid Game Weaponry End Game Weaponry Magic as a combat style in Athens, is one of the most versatile combat styles available. With the ability to carry you as a player comfortably from early game through to late game, magic is a sure fire way to slay your way to easy gear upgrades! 1. Early Game Weaponry The early game magic weaponry on Athens is a great way to start out closely following the range style with the fast hitting miniguns. most early game magic weaponry will be able to assist you in completing the majority of custom slayer tasks. -Starter Staff The Starter Staff will be your first introduction to magic weaponry, and is given to you as soon as you create your account. With a fast attack speed, and a good amount of damage for an early game weapon, this staff will be your go to for your first couple of days. -Void staff The void staff is an early game mage weapon with decent stats for starters! This staff is obtainable throught Pest control. It costs 250 pest control points! The attack speed off this staff is pretty fast so it can easily be used with soulsplit to star your Athens journey. -Dragonlava Battlestaff The dragonlava battlestaff is again an early game mage weapon with semi decent stats! For ironmen especially this staff will be a great magic weapon for you as you can purchase this from the ::iron afk shop! Players who wish to grind for this staff will be able to find it on the drop table of the Hellfire Dragon. -Hellfire battlestaff The Hellfire Battlestaff is the first big upgrade to your magic weapon setup. Dropped from the hellfire wizards, using the hellfire scroll, this magic staff will be the first to show you a great percentage DPS increase. -Electric Battlestaff Your next upgrade after the Hellfire Battlestaff, will be the Electric Battlestaff. The Electric Battlestaff is one of the most sought after early-mid game magic weapons, due to its fast attack speed and great DPS. This weapon can be obtained from a drop from Electric Wizards using the Electric Scroll. 2.Mid Game Weaponry The Mid game magic weaponry on Athens is a great way to start truly heading for the endgame bosses and NPC's that are available to kill. In mid-game magic is the preferred choice of combat style due to its high usability in raids, as well as custom slayer. Salvation Staff (Iron Only) The Salvation staff is an ironman only weapon dropped from the salvation warrior (iron boss). This staff, with its fast attack speed, 7500 magic bonus, and 20% magic damage this the perfect weapon for an ironman to progress their account substantially.(**please note the 25% drop rate is from being an ironman**) Hope staff The hope staff is one of the best mid game weapons in Athens. Obtainable from hard solo raids, this mid-tier weapon packs a punch with its 20% magic damage bonus and +8500 magic attack bonus. As well as being obtained from solo raids, this weapon is forgeable by combining the hope stick with the hope lighting, both of which can be obtained by upgrading the Hellfire Battlestaff, and the Electric Battlestaff. Sanguinesti Staff The Sanguinesti staff is one of the last steps to breaking into the end game of mage weapons. Obtainable from survivor raids, this staff will give your magic damage a huge boost in comparison to the hope staff, and be a very useful tool to progress further in Athens. Custom Sanguinesti Staff The Custom Sanguinesti staff is the last step before being in the end game for mage, obtained from upgrading a regular Sanguinesti staff on the item manager or forging using two upgrade stones and a regular Sanguinesti staff. Once you achieve the Custom Sanguinesti staff, you will be more than able to take on some of the toughest challenges in Athens. 3. End Game Weaponry The End game magic weaponry on Athens truly packs a punch. When you reach this level of weapon, you will truly be able to experience and complete almost all content available on the server. K'ril Magic Staff The K’ril magic staff is the first magic weapon that gives you a bonus drop rate for using it. While wielding this staff you will have a 25% drop rate boost which could be the difference between you getting a drop or not. This item can be made by upgrading a Custom Sanguinesti staff on the item manager, or from the Zamorak boss. Seismic Wand The seismic wand is one of the most sought after magic weapons in Athens. Obtained from a book of omens, which is a drop from Vorago raids, the seismic wand is a huge upgrade from a k’ril Magic Staff. The Seismic Wand is both rare and powerful, and will be a great addition to your magic arsenal. Seismic Wand (U) The next step up from the Seismic Wand, is of course the Seismic Wand (U). Made at the item manager by forging a seismic wand with a k’ril Magic Staff, the Seismic Wand (U) not only does huge damage to most NPC’s, it also gives the user a 50% drop rate bonus. Mirage Staff The mirage staff, one of the latest additions to the magic skill is the current best in slot F2P weapon obtainable in Athens. This staff, which is created by forging a Seismic Wand (U) with a volcanic orb, is currently the end game for those that like to grind. This item is created by first receiving the orb drop from telos, and combining it with your Seismic Wand (U). That is it for our weapon progression guide, Thank you for reading. Now with every good weapon, you are going to need a good armor set to go with it. To learn more about Magic Armor and what is the best way to progress, you can check out our Magic Armor Progression Guide here - (insert link to armour guide when ready)
  2. Saintjimmy


    hi pyrall, thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion. i personally agree with this suggestion, and think that it would have the same effect that certain values on osrs are determined by its alch value! will put this forward to the suggestions team, and hopefully we will see something along these lines added.
  3. The donator store can be a great way to boost your account with some of the best items in the game, including Owner items and a Best in slot pet!. Items Available For Purchase ------------------------------------------------------------------ Owner cape - $300 - The owner cape is the Best in slot cape in Athensps. The stats and Drop rate on the cape, as shown below, will give you account the much needed boost in terms of damage and loot potential. 100% Drop Rate Bonus Owner Ring - $500 The owner ring much like its cape slot counterpart is the best in slot ring in terms of stats and Drop rate. Having this in your collection for just 1000 donator points will give you a much needed boost to your damage, and loot potential. 100% Drop Rate Bonus Owner Necklace - $500 Another best in slot item! The owner necklace on its own or when paired with othe owner items certainly packs a punch! With 100 dr, and OP stats, the owner necklace is definitely one to aim for. 100% Drop Rate Bonus Drop rate box - $40 The drop rate box can be a great way for ironmen and main accounts to get a leg up on increasing their drop rate. For just 60 donator points you could be walking away with a pair of 50%dr boots or even a paper sack! Store box -$70 The store box can be a huge gain to your account. Inside the store box are a huge number of some of the best items in game! With the possibility of getting 5x$50 dollar bonds this box can be extremely profitable. Pet box- $20 The pet box, this box contains a number of pets from Athens, and can yield some high dr pets! Perfect for ironmen looking to boost their drop rate without grinding. Unlimited prayer scroll-$55 One of the most useful items in game! If your tired of carrying round half an invent of super restores, and want to relax while you pvm, the unlimited prayer scroll is for you! Just leave this scroll in your inventory and you will never have to worry about your prayer dropping again. 50% dr scroll (perm)- $120 - 100% dr scroll (perm)- $300 The 50% and 100% drop rate scrolls are a great way to permanently increase your Drop rate potential. These two scrolls are kept in your inventory and permanently increase your drop rate by 50 and 100% respectively. Infernal virtus set - $20 The infernal virtus set is a great mid level magic armour. It is also used in the forging of Oreo Torva items. Hope set - $200 The hope set is a great mid-high level armour set that offers great bonuses all around. A good choice for ironmen who don’t want to grind out angelica. Kril staff - $450 The kril staff is the second best in slot mage staff and offers a huge 25% drop rate bonus! One of the only weapons in game that does offer drop rate. 25% Drop Rate Bonus Owner boots - $500 Another best in slot item! The owner boots on its own or when paired with other owner items certainly packs a punch! With 100 dr, and OP stats, the owner boots are definitely one to aim for. 110% Drop Rate Bonus Owner gloves - $500 Another best in slot item! The owner gloves on its own or when paired with other owner items certainly packs a punch! With 100 dr, and OP stats, the owner gloves are definitely one to aim for. 110% Drop Rate Bonus Elite Justiciar set - $260 The elite Justiciar set is a great range armour set for high-end game level! With great drop rate bonuses and great range stats! This will certainly give you a boost in game! 125% Drop Rate Bonus Elite Tectonic set - $300 Elite tectonic is some of the best in slot mage armour in the game! With huge drop rate bonuses, and great magic attack bonuses! This is an armour set you need! 125% drop rate bonus Elite Incursio Set - $280 The Elite Incursio set is one of the best in slot melee armour sets available on Athens. This set will boost your melee damage as well as your drop rate. 125% Drop Rate Bonus Power Crystals - Mage - Melee - Range Power crystals are used in many different upgrades in Athens. You can use them to add a combat style to jewellery, certain types of armour as well as boots and gloves. 5,10,25,50 Bonds Bonds are your way to increase your in game donator rank! Each level of bond adds that amount of $ to your in game dono rank! When claiming bonds you will also get donator tickets which allow you to spend them on the donator shop or sell them for cash. 5,10,25,50 Olympus Bonds Olympus Bonds are your way to increase your in game olympus donator rank! Each level of bond adds that amount of $ to your in game olympus dono rank! When claiming bonds you will also get donator tickets which allow you to spend them on the donator shop or sell them for cash. The information on the new bonds can be found on the Donation Benefits guide found here: Future updates will bring more benefits and zones to the Olympus Ranks! Vorkath bow -$400 The Vorkath bow is the second best in slot bow in Athens. This bow gives a huge amount of range bonus as well as 25 dr! Perfect for those who prefer the range combat style! 25% Drop Rate Bonus Custom blood t-bow -$250 The custom blood t-bow is one of the best range weapons currently in game! An in game raids drop, this sought after bow has some great stats! And will certainly help you on your grind! Custom avernic defender- $100 The custom avernic defender is a great melee offhand that pairs extremely well with the custom Ghrazi rapier! If you're looking for an offhand weapon that will assist you with slayer, this is the offhand for you! Custom scythe of vitur - $250 The custom scythe of vitur is one of the best 2h melee weapons in the server! Hitting multiple times against one enemy can be great for general slayer and bossing. Custom sanguinesti staff - $250 The custom Sanguinesti staff is one of the most sort after mage weapons in game! With great magic stats this staff will be able to carry you to the end game easily. Minigun -Survivor -Owner -Seismic -Vorkath boxes - Telos Boxes - K'ril Melee Boxes - $1 Each These 1 dollar boxes can hold some of the best end game items in Athens! If your feeling lucky you could get end up getting an owner item or bis weapon for just 1 dollar! Owner box Minigun box Seismic box Blood Raids box Telos Box K'ril Melee Box Vorkath crossbow - $375 The vorkath crossbow is one of the best single handed range weapons in Athens! Paired with a range based shield this will be great for all bosses weak to range! 25% Drop Rate Bonus Athens supreme crossbow - $175 The athens supreme crossbow is a great mid-high level crossbow that packs a serious punch! With 40000 range bonus this will boost you into the end game! Hellfire shadow sword - $60 The hellfire shadow sword is a great mid game melee weapon that bridges the gap into the high level combat weapons! This sought after item will be great to progress your account. Rainbow minigun - $20 The rainbow minigun is the perfect early game weapon! With great starter stats, this will be the ideal weapon to start your ironman off! The rainbow minigun also upgrades into a $25 bond! 50% dr boots - $25 A great way to give you boosted drop rate! These 50% dr boots will be great if you want to get drops faster! 50% Drop Rate Bonus Roseblood gloves - $55 Roseblood gloves are the some of the best in slot gloves available in Athens! There are currently only two ways to get these gloves, with in game donator points being the second! A great paoir of gloves with great dr! 40% Drop Rate Bonus Darklord cape - $80 The darklord cape is one of the most sought after capes in game! Perfect for raids and places where owner items are not permitted! 75% Drop Rate Bonus Hope sword - $150 The hope sword is a great mid game one handed melee weapon! With good stats, using this with a good melee offhand will be great to slay or boss! Hope crossbow -$150 The hope crossbow is a great mid level range crossbow! With good stats this should see you through raids and slayer easily. Hope staff - $150 The hope staff is a great mid-high level magic weapon.this staff has great staff and hits hard against most slayer monsters, bosses and raids. Texturized range spirit shield - $130 The texturized range spirit shield is one of the best range offhands in Athens! It is also used in upgrading to the best in slot range shield! Hellfire spirit shield -$130 The hellfire spirit shield is one of the best off hand mage shields in Athens! Pairing this with a good mage main hand will set you up to succeed! Athens warhammer - $175 The Athens war hammer is single handedly the best in slot spec weapon on Athens! Easily hit 40k+ in 1 hit with this weapon! Athens supreme bow -$175 The athens supreme bow is a great mid- high level 2h range weapon! Perfect for those who are looking to easily progress there dps! Trident - $10 The trident is a great mid level magic staff! This paired with a magic offhand will be great to get you through the mid level grind! Dragon minigun -$5 The dragon minigun is one of the best starter weapons in the game! A great boost for an ironman or a regular player and will easily make early game grinding easy! Darth maul set - $20 The darth maul set is a great early game armour set that will boost your damage! Although this set has no drop rate, it is a great boost to ironmen and early game accounts! Rainbow rex set - $20 The rainbow rex set is great early game melee gear! This set is a great purchase for early game irons, and even mains looking to get a leg up on the competition! 10 prestige lamp - $25 -Tired of using 99 lamps to get prestige levels? This lamp contains 10 prestige levels in 1 lamp to save yourself time and effort in getting the prestige levels you require! X2 raids drop - $400 -Do you enjoy raiding but want more drops? This scroll will double each and every raid drop that you get!! Sanguinesti staff drop? With this scroll you will get 2! Raids requirement scroll - $100 Want to bypass those annoying solo raids requirements? Then this scroll is for you, with the click of a scroll you can get all requirements you need for advanced survival raids Owner pass - $750 Do you have a load of owner items in your bank that your sick of not being able to use in raids? The owner item pass will allow you to take all of your owner items in solo and survival raids with you! This can save you hours on your raid grinding and makes a huge difference to the damage you can do in raids 2x boss points - $300 Want to make grinding boss points faster? This scroll will enable you to get 2x the boss points as normal! Even more boss points based on donator status! 100% raid dr scroll - $400 Not feeling so lucky at raids? This scroll will give you that much needed boost! 100% increased drop rate in raids! Meaning that you will have a much better chance than your friends to get a drop! NEW ITEMS! Fall Guys Box $1 $20 Part of the new Fall Guys Chestrush Minigame! There are fall guys pets found in this box along with Bonds and Cash Caskets. Treasure Hunter Keys: Set of x10 Keys = $5 Treasure Hunter Crystals: Set of x10 Keys = $5 Part of a Treasure Hunter Chest which gives overpowered rewards. Check out the guide below for information on this. ***Disclaimer - All items and Drop rate bonuses shown, are presented with a base drop rate of 300%. ***
  4. Thank you for the suggestion! i really like this idea, it would also push more players to go for different content when slaying, and tie raids and slayer together!
  5. i do agree with most of this, but auto complete slayer task.. big no, no thankyou 😛 i think donator benefits do need to be looked into and i think you may have touched on a great topic! thanks for your suggestion
  6. Thank you for your suggestions! i can agree with you for sure about the iron man side of things! there are some things in the works to combat this early/mid game stall that many players are facing! in regards to the hellfire scroll being reduced in points i fully agree with that for ironmen only. For main accounts it should not be changed due to the huge amount of gp per hour that can be gained! the pvm m box i love the sound of, it would be cool to have especially for lower level players, or newer players. aswell as more options being available from store. great suggestions!
  7. Great to see some suggestions coming in, its always great to hear the communities ideas. with what you have said "1. As we all know there are always 150+ players online but how many are active online? My suggestion is to make this clickable & see how many are active & how many are at the ::afk zone to get a proper view" i do like this idea, but as wolf said, its not going to add much to the game, and wont change anything overall. 2. Make us pm players without adding them to the friendlist. (I am a lazy dude xd) ABSOLUTELY 100 percent! as a staff member i cannot add everyone to my friends list, it fills up too much! full support 3. Let us notice that a friend of ours has come online or has gone offline "Sk1l just logged in" "Sk1l just logged out" as long as its toggleable i dont see an issue with this at all! 4. Add the option to use all spins in 1 go on slots personally i would say to the slots maybe a 5/10 option but not all at once! Thanks for the suggestions tho, truly appreciate it
  8. It would seem that a lot of new players in game always are wondering about ammo for miniguns etc. My suggestion is to include in the starter spawn kit 50/100 ammo boxes which will get them set up without having to sit at ::Afk. due to the value of the boxes and ammo being virtually 0 i can see no negative side effects to doing this. thank you
  9. Great job!! A delayed update that is this good, is better than a on time update that is broken!! Bug shout out to all the team that made this possible!
  10. Would it be possible to reduce the pest control timer between games to 30 seconds? i know its a very small insignificant change, but it would make small groups be able to enjoy it more. Currently with a 60 second in between round timer, the games take less time than the wait. and im sure it would make more people want to do pest control. Big ups the staff team and the server! your all awesome
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