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  1. Trial Server support Godzilla -Great guy, usually helps me with info on the game. Noobwon -Don't know him. Server Support Zyxen -Don't know him Cap -Don't know him Moderator Citrinite -Good moderator and great guy to talk with if you need help. Kallavan -Don't know him Sanido -Seen him a couple times and looks to be a great mod and helpful guy. Max -Don't know him Global Moderator Killakilla99 -don't know him. TylerMT -Good friend of mine and a good mod. Wolf -don't know him Admin New Player -don't know him Jack -don't know him Global Admin Draoder -Good admin and usually a joke maker in help chat haha Blackheartdb -don't know him Owners Smash -Seen him a couple time's, great pker lol and hes a good owner. Aka the smash god Escanor -don't know him I think staff member of the month should be to tylermt. Hes a good global mod and hes really active. +1
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