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  1. Welcome to the End-game guide! This means you’re ready to proceed from Mid-Game player and move your way into End-game! Before proceeding with this guide your gear should be looking like this And have an inventory looking like this: So now that you’ve gotten to the point of full Vulcan with a Tier12 weapon, decent pet, overload, and some dr scrolls, you are well on your way to becoming one of the best! In the Mid-game Guide we’ve learned to unlock the Tier13 7DS bosses [Lord Ban, Fairy King Harlequin, and Lady Diane], you have to assemble the respective Scrolls for them. Once you have unlocked one of these bosses, you can start getting Tier13 drops and upgrade your gear piece by piece! *Note* I’d recommend starting with the boss that drops the right style for you, for example: - If you’re a magnificent Mage, go for Lord Ban first. - If you’re a talented Ranger, go for Fairy King Harlequin first. -If you’re a ferocious Melee warrior, go for Lady Diane first. 7DS Bosses - Tier 13 - Seven Deadly Sins Weapons Broken 7DS Weapons have been added to each 7ds boss drop tables. You can fix them by forging the broken weapons and the corresponding styled Telos weapon and 50q cash at ::upgrade Lord Ban Guide Fairy King Harlequin Guide Lady Diane Guide Elizabeth - Tier 14 - After grinding the 7DS bosses, it’s time to put all three sets together into an Elizabeth set! Looks cool, right?! Everything you’ll need to know will be Here 7DS+ Weapons Once you forge the 7DS Weapon, you can upgrade it to the + version. To forge this, you need a fixed 7DS Weapon and A Sacred Stone, which is only dropped from 7DS (Hard) Bosses. You will need to use The Sacred Stone on the 7DS Weapon as below: Elite God Wars - Tier 15 - It’s time to get the grind going now! This lovely guide will help you on your way to full Saradomin, Bandos, or Armadyl gear. All the Tier15 Weapons will be in the guide too! Last but not least I'd like to point out some things: - Make sure to keep upgrading your Infinite Overload (this will help you increase your damage and dr) - Make sure to keep upgrading your DR Scrolls! (these will increase your Drop Rate, thus increasing your drops) - Make sure to keep upgrading your Unlimited Prayer Scrolls! Omni scroll stacks with each of the single style ones, for example: - If you are Ranged → Omni Scroll + Ranged Scroll - If you are Mage → Omni Scroll + Mage Scroll - If you are Melee → Omni Scroll + Melee Scroll I wish you all the best of luck in your end-game grind!
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