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  1. Trial Server support Godzilla - Really helpful, usually responds 100% of the time in 20 seconds or less. Noobwon - N/A Server Support Zyxen - N/A Cap - N/A Moderator Citrinite - N/A Kallavan - N/A Sanido - N/A Max - N/A Global Moderator Killakilla99 - Great and funny guy, great mod aswell. TylerMT - Again, great guy and great mod overall. Always reply with answers to my questions. Wolf - N/A Admin New Player - N/A Jack - N/A Global Admin Draoder - Always supplying didy bois and eggys ;). Great staff member though. Blackheartdb - N/A Owners Smash - Love this guy, gave me donator rank when i first joined. Helps me all the time and is a great owner. Escanor - N/A I think Godzilla should be staff member of the month because he is a great staff member. Really welcoming to new players and really helpful.
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