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  1. Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) : Not sure Will this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) I dont think soIs this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) noWhat do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? a lil more players playing the abyss minigame.What is your suggestion? Being able to buy "insurance" on the floors of the abyss. For example: Im on floor 5 of the abyss when i suddenly have to take care of something unexpected in real life. As of now, im screwed since there is a 15min afk timer. My suggestion is a way to pay to extend the afk limit to a set time, not sure how long that would be but you get the point. I think it would be a good addition to the abyss since it doesnt see much players atm.
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