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  1. Boss/raids tasks: - kill 15 vorkath - do 12 adv survival raids - open 10 hard solo raids chests - etc also leads to a better slayer shop
  2. Was thinking that maybe ring of devotion could upgrade to something more than 50 dr boots, potentially bonds or maybe roseblood gloves? or 50 DR boots upgrading into roseblood gloves or bonds? currently i have no use with either multiple rods or 50 dr boots would love to see those items progress further.
  3. I've opened 1k+ slayer boxes with 0 to my name. Bad RNG sure, but that still makes it rare. Not to mention slayer boxes are opened daily and i barely ever see an announcement of a crystal. Donation store reduction still doesn't do it justice, it was 75 donation points for 1 before, now its 60 for 3. To buy 1 stone its 30t cash (thats assuming that donation tickets are even in stock at the store at all) to buy 3 its 90t cash and thats just for a single combat style.
  4. Power crystals were hard enough to grind for on ironman when it was just 1, the 3 ways to obtain a crystal on iron man are 1 - beginner raids 2 - slayer boxes (rare) and 3 - donation shop (20 points per crystal = 60 for one upgrade = 40t+ cash). I understand why this was changed for the a regular account but for ironman its now become way too hard to advance in progress when it comes to upgrading gear (elite rod/elite 50 dr boots/angel pieces/darklord cape etc.
  5. As of now the 3 drop rate amulets are completely dead content strictly because of the collectors necklace. Either an upgrade or a forge all 3 or even use them to upgrade to the collectors (mage/range/melee) form? Just would like to see them implemented into the game a little more.
  6. I think it would be a nice addition to add a combine option to both the rod and x2 slay ring. x2 slay ring is only used on last kill and can often forget to put on before last kill, leaving myself and other very sad missing out on essential slayer points.
  7. Currently at task 5 and 10 you get extra points. But on x2 slay point day and also with the x2 slay point ring you still get the same amount as you normally would. Would love to see the task streaks to extend further than 10 like on osrs. Every 50/100/250 tasks you get a significant amount of more slay points.
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