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  1. Blossom

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    In-game name is Divinity Professional retard (I also trim armours)
  2. Blossom

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    In-game name - Divinity
  3. Blossom

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    IGN - Divinity
  4. Trial Server support Godzilla - When I started playing this was my first guy, I got teleported and he welcomed me to the server by handing out a few guidelines on how to start. Fast reply and helpful! Needs a rank-up. Noobwon - In my eyes, best support in this server so far. I always get a reply and he even has time to chit-chat. Great guy, very friendly, fast replies as well. I'd say this guy can be moderator although it's not important what rank you are. Server Support Zyxen - I haven't had the chance to talk with the guy but I have noticed him talking over yell a lot, people respect the guy I assume. Seems like a nice player to me, perhaps can climb the rank ladder as well! Cap - To be honest I haven't noticed Cap so much so I got nothing to say about the guy. So far, everyone from the staff team has been wonderful so I am pretty sure that this guy is not an exception! Moderator Citrinite - Seen this player a few times now but we haven't talked, obviously because I haven't had any issues and I don't want to bother for no reason. Nothing good or bad from me. Kallavan - I have not seen this player in game yet. Sanido - Finally got the chance to to have a little conversation. Fast and comprehensive reply. Now that I have noticed, pretty active player as well. There is a possible chance for this guy to be an admin some day! (Plus one for updating my forum post because for unknown reasons, I can't do that myself, thank you!) Max - Very active moderator, when I play then he is playing as well. Helpful, chit-chats in yell as well helps others, players respect the guy. I think there is nothing more you will need from a moderator. Possible admin some day! Global Moderator Killakilla99 - Nothing to say about this player unfortunately. TylerMT - I haven't talked with the guy over PM-s or in other chats. Seems very friendly and helpful like the others, definitely knows what he is doing. Wolf - Same as Tyler, both of the players have the opportunity to become admins some day. Admin New Player - When I first saw the name I was very confused but that is that. I haven't had the time to talk with the guy but then again, seems to be a nice person and players admire him. Should stay in the admin team or advance to global! Jack - Sadly I got nothing to say about this player! Global Admin Draoder - First conversation and already had a really fast reply. I think that this guy is patient because on our first convo I already asked a stupid question. Players like the guy and I believe that he is very helpful and knows what he is doing! Blackheartdb - Never seen this name in game, maybe because of the timezone. Owners Smash - Seen in game only a few times but it's respectable because this guy is the owner and he probably has other things to do rather than playing. No bad or good words from me! Escanor - Nothing I can really say about the guy because I haven't seen him IG but I think that he is busy developing like Smash. Staff of the month: Noobwon (I will be constantly updating my feedback)
  5. Blossom

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    In-Game Name: Divinity In-Game Rank & Time Played: No rank, 23 hours What do you like most/enjoy about Athens-PS?: Long story short, I like the community and the aspects of this server, enjoyable pvm and everything is obtainable by playing. How did you find Athens-PS?: I have no idea how but through Didy's stream on youtube.
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