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  1. Hi Sk1l, Thanks for your suggestions first of all and I am happy to hear you are enjoying the server! 1.I see where you are coming from,I personally don't see a real added value for this one aside from something 'cool to see', but I will bring this up in the team which might be put on a lower priority list. 2.I am 100% for this idea, and I am sure many other staff also will. will certainly bring this up. 3. I can see where you are coming from on this one aswell, however I can also see that some people would not want this due to flooding the PM window, perhaps this could be a toggle, I will bring this up. 4.We are already looking into some options for this at the moment. I will let you know once I have spoken to the team! -Interesting
  2. Last time I checked you are locked to 1 account at AFK rocks per IP @Godzilla Just doublechecked and it is capped at 1 per IP.
  3. Introduction Hi everyone, first of all a big Thank you to all the staff members who have helped me create this post! This is a FAQ for AthensPS where we aim to answer the most commonly asked questions in a clear fashion to help you get started and well introduced to the game. This will probably be an ever-growing post, so if you feel you have something to add to this topic please PM me or any of our staff with your idea/question to get it added! I advise to use (CTRL + F) to search for a keyword to easily find your answer. Note: Remember that if you have any questions you can always pm a member of our staff team or ask your question in the help CC! There will also be a few useful links listed at the bottom of this post. Let's start off with some humble beginnings (If this is the first post you check on our forums and you are new, be sure to check out our comprehensive starter guide! Credits to: Draoder. And be sure to have joined our ::discord for giveaways and much more! Note: If you are wondering how I got all the NPC names to show in the client, this can be done by enabling "Show entity names" Where can I find the teleports? In AthensPS the teleport are located under your minimap, you are looking for the blue "T": What ammo do I use for miniguns/Where can I get Ava's/Does it work? For miniguns you will be looking for either Handcannon shots, Atrox shots, or Atrox shots (e). Handcannon shots and Ava's can be obtained from the range store at ::shops, and yes it works! Atrox shots and Atrox shots (e) are obtainable from Ammo Boxes which can be obtained from Mystery Boxes Where can you buy your first tools? (Mainly to start AFK mining, after you have created an alt!) Your tools can be bought from Bob, which can be found at ::shops as seen below, to the bottom right: How do I make money? The top ways of making money are (In order) at this time: Slayer Solo raids Survivor raids Once DropRate has gotten above ~500, hellfire wizards(Great with 2x/100% drop scrolls active!) Where can you start slayer? (One of the best money makers in the game!) You can start slayer off by pressing on the slayer skill, a menu will popup in your chat where you can TP to your slayer master of choice. -> Select -Teleport to slayer master- Once you have managed to get 99 slayer make sure to execute the command "::Changebravek" Once you have done "::Changebravek" Please make sure to set your difficulty using one of the below: ::SetEasy ::SetMedium ::SetHard Note: At this time changing the difficulty only impacts the amount of NPCs you get assigned per task and the amount of slayer boxes rewarded upon reaching a 10 streak. The more NPC requirements you unlock, the more slayer tasks you will unlock. How do I find my slayer task? After you have gotten your task, speak to the slayer master again and he should tell you the location of your task after asking what your current slayer task is. Another option is to buy a Ring of slaying(8) for 5 slayer points. This holds 8 charges for you to teleport to your tasks location right away! This can be found in any of the slayer masters "Rewards > Items section" How to do duo slayer/Where do I get the slayer gem/How to disband my duo slayer? How to do duo slayer? Well, in order to do duo slayer you need the slayer gem. Where do I get the slayer gem? The slayer gem can be acquired from 'Vannaka', which is the 1st slayer master. If you have this slayer master set you can click on the slayer skill to and select 'teleport to master' Otherwise, teleport to ::edge and walk north, go down into the tunnel and walk North+onwards (OSRS location) Open it's store (Trade) to find the slayer gem. Once acquired, use the slayer gem on your soon-to-be slayer partner and it will send out an invite, once accepted you are good to get a task from your designated slayer master! What does the Hellfire Scroll do? The Hellfire Scroll teleports you to an island where the befamed Hellfire Wizards are located, these are known for their cash drops and the hellfire battlestaves. What are the raid requirements? Solo raids: Beginner: None Intermediate: 25 Beginner raids - 1 Prestige level Advanced: 50 Intermediate raids - 3 Prestige levels Survivor raids: Beginner: 5 Beginner solo raids Intermediate: 50 Beginner survivor raids + 5 intermediate solo raids Advanced: 75 Intermediate survivor raids + 5 Advanced solo raids Vorago raids: There is only 1 difficulty: 20 Advanced Survivor raids Gambling The current gambling that is allowed/possible is using the gambler @::gkey, this has a 40% chance of doubling your item where you have to roll above a 60 to win. As of 6/23/2020 there is a poll active in our ::discord to discuss whether or not further gambling will be allowed/introduced. As of 6/23/2020 there is no flower poker/dice games or such. My votes are not working? Help! Make sure you have joined our ::discord , there will be a channel #Votesupport where you can post 3 screenshots(Proof) that you have voted, including the current time(Bottom right of desktop) Please make sure to include your in-game name and a Moderator/Administrator will help you out! Are there Player Owned Shops? Yes, there are Player Owned Shops! These can be found at ::shops, near the entrance. How do I make a Collector's Necklace (i) or Coll (i)? You can make the Collector's Necklace (i) by having the following 3 items: You have to use the sinew on the Ring Of Devotion (With the 3 items listed below in your inventory) Collector's Necklace Ring Of Devotion Sinew The Collector's Necklace can be obtained from Ultra boxes, Supreme boxes or bought from players in the Player Owned Shops(POS), found at ::shops The Ring Of Devotion can be obtained as a drop from Tokash or from the loyalty shop for 125k loyalty points, or bought from players in the POS The Sinew can be obtained by woodcutting magic trees or buying from players in the POS Note: There is a slight chance of failing this 'upgrade' which would make you lose the sinew. What can we do with Crystal keys (Ckeys) and Golden keys (Gkeys)? Crystal keys can be used at the crystal chest (Found at ::ckey), clicking on this chest will open a store where you can spend your hard earned ckeys! Golden keys can be used at the burnt chest (Right next to the crystal chest, Found at ::gkey) Where do I sell most of my junk/useless items? Most of your items will be sold to the '1b ticket shop' which can be found right accross from either the ::ckey or ::gkey command as seen below. Where do I get a max cape? A max cape can be obtained from the Veteran just south @ ::home Why can I not get the max cape? I have all 99 stats/ I am maxed! This might be because you have not gotten the 'Maxed' title yet, which has to be obtained first from King Lathas @ ::shops.> Right click > Loyalty titles. Where can I buy potions/food? Potions and food can be bought from the healer at ::home Are cosmetics worth anything? (Party hats/Phats Hallowheen masks etc.) No, cosmetics have no real value in AthensPS. Where can I upgrade my items? Items can be upgraded at the "Item Manager", located at ::Shops Is skilling worth doing? You do not make any real money from skilling, and it is commonly seen that non-combat skills are maxed out with XP lamps. Can I spin on an alt account? No, you cannot spin on an alt account, unless that alt account is an ironman. Where are slots/Where is the slot machine? You can play slots at the gambler, which can be found in 1 of 2 places: ::Gamble ::Gkey What is the best combat style? We recommend: For the early game: Ranged (Minigun, up to dragon/rainbow+ Ranged armour) For the mid game: Magic (Hellfire battlestaff) Ranged (Animal bow) Melee (Hellfire Shadow Sword) For the late game: Most commonly seen is Melee, since it profits the most from the owner (bis) items. What loot can I get from (Mystery/Super/Ultra etc.) boxes or raids? The loot that you can get can be found by going to the quest tab > pressing the little cog icon in the top right, and pressing on "Possible loot". Useful links: AthensPS Rules Drop Rate % on Items guide by Smash Armour guide by Draoder What items do drop scrolls work on? By Draoder Weapon Progression guide By TylerMT Price Guide by Draoder
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