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  1. Trial Server support Godzilla - super friendly and helpfull Noobwon - its noobwon Server Support Zyxen - the all rich an powerful zyxen Cap - super nice Moderator Citrinite - helpfull af Kallavan - never seen this guy tbh Sanido - n/a Max - super chill dude Global Moderator Killakilla99 - prob richest player that i know on here. TylerMT - helped me out when i was having major issues connecting to server really appreciated that Wolf - n/a Admin New Player - n/a Jack - n/a Global Admin Draoder - always really helpful Blackheartdb - who dis? Owners Smash - god smash. Escanor - god escanor
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    In-Game Name: Purebeast In-Game Rank & Time Played: Extreme Donor, 537 hours What do you like most most about Athens-ps?: Amazing custom Rsps with a great community to hang out with and the item models are so much smoother than any other server. How did you find Athens-ps?: Friend told me about it 😄
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