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  1. Owners Escanor - Good guy great owner know what he does. Smash - Is a good guy to 🙂 Community/Staff Manager Draoder - Draoder is a good guy helps alot. Content Assistant Blackheartdb - Does his job. Mycenatch - Didnt see him. Global Administrator Interesting - Great guy helps me everytime when i need help. Wolf - same as interesting Sanido - same as wolf.. Administrators Godzilla - Godzilla is a great guy does his job great. Interesting - is a legend. Infamouspkz - Does his job good. Saint Jimmy - Didnt see that much Trial Administrators Artemis - Didnt see that much Snowman Didnt see that much Global Moderator Nate - Didnt see that much Freaxx99 - Didnt see that much Snowman - Didnt see that much New Player - Didnt see that much Blitz - Didnt see that much Moderator Munjeezy 18 wheeler - does his job good Sk1l - does his job good Server Support Uim - Does a great job Vitali - does a great job Cashapp - does a great job Trial Server Support Ironlind - does a great job Fury - does a great job Vault - does a great job Interesting for staff for the month he does a great job and helps everyone who needs help. He is a legend :).
  2. Chef kok


    Thank you for your suggestion. +1 for me ;).
  3. I opened like 50 slayer boxes yesterday and got 2 crystals , They are not really hard to grind. It just takes abit more time to receive 3 instead of 1. But ironman is ironman its a harder game mode then regular.
  4. DH FFA will be great ❤️
  5. Thank you for posting this im sure this will help people around :).
  6. Good guide! I would love to see more guides! :).
  7. Thanks this will help out new players for sure!.
  8. Great guide! , But i will keep my clue scrolls banked for a while :d.
  9. Nice , this will help new players alot!
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