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  1. Thanks for all the hard work escanor on this HUGE update!
  2. Animeet, Thanks for taking the time is creating some suggestions, not rants 😉 We are fully aware of item progression and the large gap there is between some starter-intermediate-end game gear. We have been working on solutions, and those are coming soon 😉 And also on your point of the Hope armor...I can't say much but just know that it is receiving a buff! We are working hard to make these and TONS of other changes and updates happen, they just take time! I hope you enjoy your time on Athens. -Godzilla
  3. Hello Graves, Thanks for taking the time and creating suggestions you feel can help make gameplay in our server better! We know about some of these problems and they are currently being addressed in future updates. Such as beginner tutorials, starter tasks/rewards and on the point of the abaddon sword, the 1b shop is player ran. The items you see in there are only what players sell to it, so check it again sometime for items you might need. Thanks! -Godzilla
  4. Sk1l glad you are enjoying the server mate. As the others have said, your suggestions are good and have some value to them. 1. There's no real value in adding that interface into the game 2. I agree with this 100%, would help for me as staff specifically having to constantly add people to my list to answer questions 3. I think that this would just overload after a certain point, but if it's toggleable like the others have said, then it's up to the person if they want it or not 4. I agree that it can be annoying sitting there for so long spinning, but that was the intended function, to treat it like a real slot machine. This option is being discussed on a possible solution. - Godzilla
  5. It's fitting that a great iron man guide is made by the best iron man, Ox!
  6. Sick! Glad to have you here!
  7. I also support the idea and as Wolf has said, it is being discussed by the staff team. Thanks!
  8. Damn aussies.....welcome none the less
  9. I'm ready to get MVP - Godzilla
  10. Thank you for the suggestion Yogi Bear. Upgrading boots into gloves just doesn't make sense really. We are always looking at different upgrade avenues and sinks for different items that are starting to bulk up. There could be a solution to the ROD or 50 dr boots and the team will look into it.
  11. Warzone, fortnite, assassins creed, madden
  12. Thank you for the suggestion masterluge90. We are currently looking at different buff's to be made for the different donater benefits!
  13. Godzilla

    Fashion event

    ign godzilla https://gyazo.com/063890eb00eb57240eb25267f6d38d7c https://gyazo.com/c508b9a7672355319ce650d400962322 https://gyazo.com/796ee3324ce96b7308f0715a1cba756b https://gyazo.com/c87acd48462f3f1c3f0e636159f88915
  14. This is a good detailed guide, good work! It is always useful to have more guides out there for people to easily find and fall back on.
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