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  1. Saintjimmy, thanks for the suggestion and I agree that this will make the QOL better for those doing pest control, I will add it to our suggestions list. Thank you! Godzilla
  2. Thank you Hanzy2020 for the suggestions. These 3 items our currently on our suggestions list and being looked at. Thank you for taking the time to make this post! Godzilla
  3. You're banned from receiving more drops at any boss/raid. Jeezzz
  4. Very clean guide and very detailed. Good work my man! 👍
  5. We are looking at changing the crystal requirements back to what it was before for iron men, stay tuned.
  6. It's more common then you think from slayer boxes and a large reduction in price in the donorpoint shop
  7. Ok ya 5k damage is easy to get for normal players. I will bring it forward that damage required be reduced for ironmen.
  8. Lindgren, thanks for taking the time in making the suggestion. Currently the minimum damage you need to do to get a drop is 5k, you're saying that's too high? I feel like 5k damage is fairly easy to accomplish with the total hp and time it takes to kill one. We could maybe implement in the code that if your account has an ironman status, that the required hp be a little bit lower to allow newer ironmen to get a drop. -Godzilla
  9. I also agree that extending slayer tasks is a good idea for big point boosts. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Liking the content, keep it up Mr. Admin 👍
  11. Godzilla

    Forums raffle

    IGN: Godzilla Good luck everybody!
  12. Ox, Thank you for taking the time in making these suggestions. I can see how some of these items are harder to obtain as an iron man. Some of these items are already on our radar too! -Godzilla
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