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  1. To hot fix this, ask a global admin in-game, or artemis to spawn a few more. Long term, I'll look to get this sorted. Thanks for posting!
  2. Wolf


    Currently compiling a list of items that need a sink, we've been aware of this issue for a bit now. It's not on the top of my priorities at the moment. Once this next update hits, the following one will tentatively be a QOL Overhaul.
  3. Wolf

    Pest Control

    Thanks for the input, if you could possibly get more people to post their opinions here, I could have a better chance at correcting this. The more, the better. Thanks for posting!
  4. For now, you may pm a global admin to spawn more npcs in areas that are overcrowded. As the server grows we are aware of these situations occurring. We are currently looking into more permanent fixes. Thanks for posting!
  5. I'm sure this could be implemented. I'll see what we can do. Thanks for posting!
  6. I do like this suggestion, however it is up to the devs. Shouldn't be too hard. Thanks for posting!
  7. Those said items are purely filler/troll drops, the staff team has been talking about potential item sinks for items that are in mass bulk/provide no use due to better tier items. I have seen GIM implemented elsewhere, successfully. To avoid ripping it entirely, we would have to create something unique to Athens. Which luckily for you, @Blitz has been working on something for you ironcan fanactics. Stay tuned! Thanks for posting!
  8. I love the idea of adding some OSRS content. Since the wilderness doesn't fit our ideal route, we could possibly come up with something similar or just by adding these said OSRS bosses are maybe an 'elite' boss task? I'll bring this up in the next staff meeting. Thanks for posting!
  9. We've talked about this, and instead of adding an entire new armor set we've thought about adding slayer enchantment attachments to armor pieces. Possibly drops from superior. However, your idea is still up in the air. Thanks for posting!
  10. This is the kind of stuff I like to see. Love to see how much you end up with further down the road!
  11. This has been discussed briefly by the staff team and believe it is a good idea. I will bring this back up again in the next staff meeting. Thank you for taking the time to create this post. Wolf
  12. I will forward this suggestion as it's been in our books for some time now. Thanks for making this suggestion on the forums! Wolf
  13. I will forward this topic in the next staff meeting. Thank you for your suggestion 💭 Wolf
  14. Currently Glod will remain as is since the monster blood is rare and required to make the bloodshot slayer helm. The overall goal is to make it more competitive as the helm is pretty damn good. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to make this suggestion! Wolf
  15. ANOTHER AUSSIE. pretty soon this whole server will be overrun. @Sanido lead the charge lmao. But welcome Be-I mean artemis 😈
  16. great work per usual. Thank you for everything that you do
  17. Hey Bfitz031, I believe we have this suggestion as it has been previously discussed. However, due to the importance of your suggestion I will mention this again in the next staff meeting. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to use the forums! Wolf
  18. Good work. Should help us when the CC is flooded 🌊
  19. Please use this template when reporting a player of Athens. Copy and Paste the required format and create a new thread. Name of player/players being reported: Time of incident: Rule/Rules Broken: Situation(Provide as much context as possible): Evidence:
  20. Good work Escanor, thank you and everyone that helped. Much love!
  21. Yogi, Thank you for your suggestion. I will bring this up to the staff team as well as conduct further testing at a later time. I like the idea of extending past 10 in regards to streaks. Therefore, I will bring up the other half of your post to the team to see what we can do. Wolf
  22. Yogi, Thanks for posting your suggestion. I agree with your post, I will bring it up with the rest of the staff team at the next meeting. I look forward to keeping you updated. Thank you for using our forums! Wolf
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