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  1. great work per usual. Thank you for everything that you do
  2. If you have not received your bond in-game, pm a staff member upon logging in and we will get it to you. Thank you all so far for posting 🙂
  3. Staff of the Month: Id Say Godzilla Or Wolf , Godzilla Because YT Content , But Also Wolf For Keeping Up With Didy And Eggys For The Community , Love Ya Athens 💘 POSTING FOR MATT
  4. Hey Bfitz031, I believe we have this suggestion as it has been previously discussed. However, due to the importance of your suggestion I will mention this again in the next staff meeting. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to use the forums! Wolf
  5. Good work. Should help us when the CC is flooded 🌊
  6. Please use this template when reporting a player of Athens. Copy and Paste the required format and create a new thread. Name of player/players being reported: Time of incident: Rule/Rules Broken: Situation(Provide as much context as possible): Evidence:
  7. Good work Escanor, thank you and everyone that helped. Much love!
  8. Yogi, Thank you for your suggestion. I will bring this up to the staff team as well as conduct further testing at a later time. I like the idea of extending past 10 in regards to streaks. Therefore, I will bring up the other half of your post to the team to see what we can do. Wolf
  9. Yogi, Thanks for posting your suggestion. I agree with your post, I will bring it up with the rest of the staff team at the next meeting. I look forward to keeping you updated. Thank you for using our forums! Wolf
  10. Suggestion has been implemented. Locked.
  11. The only issue is that the owner ring provides 100 dr and x2 slayer points. If we add an option to combine rod and x2 slayer points then it would takeaway the usefulness of the owner ring. However, if we added an option to combine the suggestion you mentioned, maybe we could push to have it x.05 slayer points or something of that nature. Godzilla and I will look into this further. Wolf
  12. Hello Chef Kok, Thank you for taking the time out of your day to leave a suggestion. I will pass this up to higher and see what we can do. 🙂 Wolf
  13. Wolf

    A bug at shops

    No problem bud. Enjoy your stay at Athens and thank you for using the forums. Resolved.
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