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  1. Trial Server support Born2PVM- I knew him a bit before he was staff, chill guy, never had any problems with him and is pretty knowledgeable about the game Server Support mradolf- active in cc when I see him online. Seems to answer most questions. Yeehaw- as with adopt, active in cc and answers questions. Don’t know either of them super well tho. Roocer- Roocer has been doing his best for the server since before he was staff. Probably one of the only people I’ve seen to advertise in yell for people to vote/afk/anything else. Great staff even though he has had a few problems, still the best server support in my opinion and deserves promotion. Big Shmeat- Ngl, I rarely saw him online. Never knew him before he was staff or after he was staff Ultra Monk- Can’t be completely sure which monk is which half of the time, so I’ll just say what covers both of them. They both grind hella hard on the server and answer questions when they can. Moderator Citrinite- Used to be active in game. Doesnt seem to have been too active in the last couple weeks Interesting- great choice for mod, went from not wanting to be staff and having to be pushed to even apply to becoming mod within like a week or two, so big gz. Definently helps out the server and does his best InfamousPkz- other than the fact that he single handely destroyed the hfbs market, infamous is a great guy. Does good work in game and also good work off game with his logos/banners/whatever else he is doing for staff team. Global Moderator Sanido- cough cough Aussie cunt cough cough. Other than being an Aussie which is a huge -10, sanido is great for global mod. Chill dude to hang around with and chat and when someone needs help, he’s there as fast as he can Cap- caps chill, knew him for a while, one of the main people that watches vote support in discord and hands out votes. New Player- tbh no clue what happened to new player, I know he had some irl issues or something, and I hope everything turns out alright. Used to be one of the main staff on the server, and I will always feel bad for his angelic kc 😢 Admin Wolf- WE LOVE WOLF- says everyone on the staff team. He makes the staff actually feel like what they do means something. Everyone on staff loves wolf, and he also is loved by all the players in the game. He’s fun and chill, nothing bad to say about wolfie. Wish his other half would come back tho 😢 Godzilla- Godzilla has to have been the fastest promoted from trial ss-Admin in any servers history. This is rightfully so. He has been working behind the scenes since he was trial ss. He puts hours a day into the server behind the scenes, then puts hours a day into the server while on the server, and also works full time as a cop. I still don’t get when this guy sleeps lmaoo. Yeah, I’ve never seen a staff member make a YouTube Channel and start posting vids just to help out the server. Great guy, soon to be owner TylerMT- Active in game, active on discord, helps out when he can, has been around for a long time on the server Global Admin Draoder- his only crime is having way too much damn money to spend on rsps lmao. On real shit tho, Drao is amazing. Guy is a pvm god. Literally knows everything about pvm on this server and will happily help anybody he can. Doesn’t have any ego issues about his position, he will help a new player like a server support should with no problems. Always been a chill guy Blackheartdb- never had too much interaction with black, pretty sure he works behind the scenes mostly, the times I’ve chatted with him, he has seemed pretty chill. Owners Smash- Smash does the job that most server owners don’t want. He deals with the community. One of the few owners I’ve seen actually be active on their rsps. Guy puts his heart and soul into the server. Huge respect for the work he puts in and how much he tries to keep this server #1 Escanor- While escanor works mostly behind the scenes, he does soooo much good work for the server. I’ve only chatted with him personally a few times but I can tell hes a pretty chill guy. He does one of the hardest jobs on an rsps, and he does it pretty damn well. If the server stays around for a long time, it will be on the backs of escanor and smash. Staff of the Month- I would have to say either Wolf or Godzilla for all the work they put in behind the scenes and in the game. Both care very much about how the server goes, and both equally deserve staff of the month.
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    In-Game Name: NoobWon In-Game Rank & Time Played: Support Staff and Uber donator. 311 hours played What do you like most/enjoy about Athens-PS?: Plenty of unique content, and the owners/developers work hard to bring us new and exciting updates. I love the community and my the staff team as well. How did you find Athens-PS?: Didyscape video, was one of the first videos I saw from him, and have been watching his videos since.
  3. NoobWon Staff Application Name: Anton In-Game Username: NoobWon Age: 20 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): Philippines (currently) Philippine Standard Time (GMT +8) Average time played per day? What days of the week are you available to play? I play rsps in pretty much most of my free time, especially while my country is on lockdown. When country is off lockdown, I will probably be on around 5-6 hours a day still. I play pretty much every day of the week What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? I have been staff/admin/moderater on discord in a few different communities. Ive also ran my own business and made a living off selling on discord in the past. Why do you want to be a Athen staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) Since I started playing on the server, I have enjoyed it immensely compared to other custom servers. This is the first custom I was able to spend more than 10 minutes playing. I want to be staff because I want to watch the server grow and have an active part in helping the people who join, and give them a reason why they should stay. I have been working with customers for years within my different businesses online. I know how to do cutomer support and I know how to find the best possible solution for almost any situation. Playing this game, I've learned a decent amount about the game, and I feel like I can answer most questions that people would have for me. When people have asked questions in cc, I usually answer if I know the answer, which I usually do. What are the top 5 qualities that you think an Athen staff member should have? Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? Any staff member will need to be able to work with the players, listen to them, and be able to create a solution for them. They also need the quality to be able to admit when they don't know the answer, and find someone who knows the answer, instead of trying to come up with an answer and not help the player. The last main quality would probably be the ability to communicate well and get the point across when helping someone. Rsps ranges across all ages, so you sometimes have to be speaking with younger people that may not understand the meaning of something, so the staff would have to work with that, and any other obstacles. I have never had any infractions on Athens Ps If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason: N/A If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? I already devote hours of free time to playing, so this is an easy one to say yes to. Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): Currently unemployed. Came to the philippines from the USA to visit family and now I'm stranded here because of the virus. Philippines isn't expecting to open international flights for at least 2-3 months, and I'm not planning to hop the first flight out of this country, because that's the flight that will most likely have sick people. Once I go back to the USA, I plan on still grinding rsps, and I plan on joining the military for a few years to get the GI Bill. In the past, my hobbies have usually been on the computer, which includes many games and also several ones I have made money online. I also played a lot of sports when I was younger, which includes basketball, baseball, and football. Right now I mostly just play basketball and golf. I played runescape when I was a kid, then I stopped for about 6 years and came back and grinded it. About 6 months ago I lost most of my bank at duel arena, then I went to rsps. I still play osrs on my iron, but I'm done with any account that can go to duel arena. I found out about athens when I was checking out didyscape, then I grinded athens up till now
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