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  1. Put me on a team coach! Ign ox
  2. How did you find out about Athensps: Not sure, but wanna say didy What is your favourite thing to do in-game: Slayer What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Vorkath head What is your favourite item in-game: Any scythe item What number have you chosen: 12
  3. Items you should never vendor! Limey Bow, Special wings atleast not untill u have better then athens mg. Starting out as iron man, if you have not claimed your promo boxes do ::promo eggy or ::promo didy or ::promo frimb (optional) you can ::vote and claim your scrolls to skip parts 1 and 3 and buy gold minigun from vote store (shoutout Yogi bear) Afking: great afk money and ammo ::afk grab yourself a pickaxe and you can afk all day and night! 1st. Head on over to ::train farm Aquanites for mystery boxes until you grab yourself a Minigun. (Save all special wings you get from Super boxes) 2nd. once you have your mini gun head over to ::shops buy yourself a ava's accumulator and some hand cannon shots from the ranger shop. 3rd. Once you've done that head back over to ::train or click the T in the bottom left corner of minimap head over to Untouchables and farm them for mystery boxes and Gold minigun.(optional) if you get yourself early special wings and you have 200b head over to ::shops and try to upgrade to athens minigun. from *item manager* if successful skip step 3. (Better than Goldmini) 4th. Use all the bones you've gotten from mystery boxes on ::altars use all the lamps you've obtained on slayer skill untill 99, once 99 slayer do ::changebravek 5th. Once you have golden or better minigun it's time to do some slayer! start off by doing ::seteasy ::setmedium ::sethard, you can do either settings i would recommend easy if doing solo. Slayer will be kinda grindy at first, you can find a partner to do some duo slayer with to speed it up, mainly you want to go for streaks of 10 for slayer boxes all task difficulty does it gives you more monsters to kill depending on which settings you choose. (Don't skip or lock tasks or you will lose streak!) completing 10 streaks in a row grants u slayer boxes easy:8 med:15 hard:25 you want to farm these streaks so you can get slayer boxes for nice cash and chance at really helpful goodies like dragon minigun and double slayer ring or slayer helmet ect.. 6th. People always wounder what is best to spend slayer points on, if you don't have a dragon minigun you can buy one for 1k slayer points from slayer master or you can save points and hope you get one from a slayer box, things you can do for early progression, Farm your favorite low hp mob for 53k boss points or just keep grinding slayer untill u have it, Buy a hellfire scroll from slayer master for 20k slayer points and farm the wizards untill you get a staff, you will get hefty amount of cash. Hellfire wizards are extremely good cash when u don't feel like doing slayer. 7th. Upgrading, it's self explanatory head over to ::shops find the Item manager and see what parts of your gear you can upgrade. Save all limeys so u can try to get 10$ bonds to increase your in-game donator rank! better rank means better gains! 8th.Raiding:Once you've got a pretty good handle on things go ahead and head over to ::godzilla where he makes amazing guides for raiding don't forget to slap that like and sub if you'd like. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSd4mSv5nczxNtVQ2-dv5jw/videos 9th Ironzone: to get to iron zone type ::iron in game it has some ironman you can farm for some pretty decent melee stats on gear, but the real prize is in the portal inside the bank the iron boss(Salvation warrior) which pretty much drops best in slot ironman gear untill super late game it gives alot of drop rate bonus stat, it's tribrid meaning it works with every style. I would not recommend killing the ironboss unless you have an athens or better minigun cause damage requirement is 10k to be able to get a drop. Happy hunting hope this guide will be helpful will update in the future.
  4. Can we look into giving it a drop that it can constantly drop cause i've gone like 8 kills dry of even a simple casket or cash casket it's got 750k hp lol i know it's supposed to be massed but ya boy needs some of them crystals, but i feel like getting nothing from it for nearly half the kills is no fun. Currently 183 dry 😬
  5. I main an (ironman) these would be a Huge buff, i find myself struggling for upgrades i've got 700H active in game nearly 1kH total during this time i've done all previous old reqs for raid content and in that time i have seen 2 power crystal drops over 300 easy survival 120+ int raids, 120+ adv raids i could be just super unlucky but the grind is real. I love it but i eventually want some upgrades. (ToC) Tome of chaos: since pest control is kinda dead content, and not many willing to get req for raids could there be another way added to obtain tome of chaos. Power crystals:With the added new bonus to Slayer boxes power drops are nice but other then raids and donating i feel they are super rare. That being said possibility introduce monster that could be farmed with low DR chance to obtain crystals? or another form of ways to unlock. Paper sack: I'd like to see something more done with this item possibly combine it with another item to increase the DR value possibly head slot or even allow Power crystals to be inserted into the sack. Infinite Overload:Can we get a timer added into the UI? Possibly tweak the inf overload cause i find myself having to spam click activate my buffs, Also the mage stat we get from inf overload is fairly low compared to the range/melee idk if it's intended to be that way, possibly buff it? Raids Kc: Everyone who does raids should get raids kc so we can show off as of right now only whoever gets final blow on boss gets the kc. Can we see a better form that displays all raids completion i for a fact would love to know how many of everything i've done.
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