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  1. How did you find out about Athensps: Not sure, but wanna say didy What is your favourite thing to do in-game: Slayer What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Vorkath head What is your favourite item in-game: Any scythe item What number have you chosen: 12
  2. Can we look into giving it a drop that it can constantly drop cause i've gone like 8 kills dry of even a simple casket or cash casket it's got 750k hp lol i know it's supposed to be massed but ya boy needs some of them crystals, but i feel like getting nothing from it for nearly half the kills is no fun. Currently 183 dry 😬
  3. I main an (ironman) these would be a Huge buff, i find myself struggling for upgrades i've got 700H active in game nearly 1kH total during this time i've done all previous old reqs for raid content and in that time i have seen 2 power crystal drops over 300 easy survival 120+ int raids, 120+ adv raids i could be just super unlucky but the grind is real. I love it but i eventually want some upgrades. (ToC) Tome of chaos: since pest control is kinda dead content, and not many willing to get req for raids could there be another way added to obtain tome of chaos. Power crystals:With the added new bonus to Slayer boxes power drops are nice but other then raids and donating i feel they are super rare. That being said possibility introduce monster that could be farmed with low DR chance to obtain crystals? or another form of ways to unlock. Paper sack: I'd like to see something more done with this item possibly combine it with another item to increase the DR value possibly head slot or even allow Power crystals to be inserted into the sack. Infinite Overload:Can we get a timer added into the UI? Possibly tweak the inf overload cause i find myself having to spam click activate my buffs, Also the mage stat we get from inf overload is fairly low compared to the range/melee idk if it's intended to be that way, possibly buff it? Raids Kc: Everyone who does raids should get raids kc so we can show off as of right now only whoever gets final blow on boss gets the kc. Can we see a better form that displays all raids completion i for a fact would love to know how many of everything i've done.
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