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  1. Stealing my content huh? #Ban jk ly ❤️ nice list, better made then mine ;d
  2. Welcome to AthensPS forums haha. Hf
  3. Suggestion list❤️ 1 - I think the new slayer helm should be tradeable, because if new players gets it they could sell it and make some good money to start out and that would make them enjoy the server more, and that would increase prayer count a little bit. 2 - Make some events in the wilderness (new boss or something), but make it so people cant attack with custom items. 3 - Make "Open all" to cash caskets 4 - Put "atrox" ammo in the range shop, because ive seen that people who started out, and they need afk decant amount to get enough atrox ammo for the grind.
  4. I love the update (only problem that they could make the slayer helm tradable)
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