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  1. sitting at 1500 boxes+ with 0 crystal to my name aswell, ironman life is fked.
  2. deffo would like to see this alot, also in a way it feels more rewarding see how many u have actually done in total and so on. Could also give bragging rights if someone wants that.
  3. Godzilla, I was using rainbow minigun, which is problably what most ironman will be stuck on for some time. And out of like 10 eggys/diddys i was lucky to get loot from 2. First loot was because i was first one at spot second one was because i specced and it saved my ass pretty much but didn't do enough on the others apparently.
  4. Could we please remove or highly reduce damage needed for Didyboy and Eggy? Most ironman and new people get no loot, which are the people who problably would need the loot most.
  5. Lindgren

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    IGN: Ironlind May the RNG be with me
  6. I'd just like to see another way of obtaining a collectors necklace then only from super boxes. Something we can grind towards. Maybe just a mob drop, or loyalty point store. I guess this mostly is for those who play Ironman
  7. https://gyazo.com/67e720af50a8449f40f3f48aad064504
  8. Trial Server support Godzilla Feelt like he has been really active, friendly and quick with answering questions. Also real nice of him to do giveaways with his own earned cash. Noobwon N/A Server Support Zyxen N/A Cap N/A Moderator Citrinite N/A Kallavan N/A Sanido N/A Max N/A Global Moderator Killakilla99 N/A TylerMT N/A Wolf N/A Admin New Player Nice guy, hade a small convo with him. Real friendly and helpful aswell Jack N/A Global Admin Draoder Nice guy aswell, Blackheartdb N/A Owners Smash cares about players, pretty quick with responds on PMs. Escanor he seems to care about his players, been trying to help me solve a problem. Hopefully he will manage! ❤️ Overall I have had no bad experience with any off the staff so far. I'm sorry that I don't have to my constructive feedback, havn't played for to long. But so far I'm happy with services I've recived A lot off staff I havn't had to much time to talk to or meet yet. Therefor a lot of N/As
  9. Lindgren

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    In-Game Name: Lindgren In-Game Rank & Time Played: Super donator on this one 118hr What do you like most/enjoy about Athens-PS?: you can find below How did you find Athens-PS?: You can find below ----------------------------------------------------------------- Decied to join the ironman life aswell In-Game Name: Ironlind In-Game Rank & Time Played: Extreme Donator 18hr What do you like most/enjoy about Athens-PS?: This is one of the best customs I have played, and ontop of that the community is great with a lot of guides to help out How did you find Athens-PS?: was searching for rsps on youtube, belive i stumbled upon Didys videos
  10. I'd like to see bonds/donor points be tradeable/giftable between players and Ironmans. For example sitting with like 100T on my main but decied to join Ironman life. I wouldn't consider it trading. just Donor points and donors status going up I can understand why you can't transfer donor status from 1 account to another but yea, bonds and donor points should be tradeable/giftable. -Edit I would also like put it in another scenario aswell. When owner do giveaways then it feels like Ironman would be exluded from it for those who do not play regular. I understand if you wouldn't give the ironman the item. But then in a scenario like this it would be the perfect oppertunity to turn the item/cash won into bonds/donor points and get it to the Ironman Hopefully you can understand, English isn't my main language
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