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  1. It was the night before Halloween and 3 young and careless teens had the "bright" idea of going to a supposed haunted house in the country. This was there first time they ever met and they only knew each other by their gamer tags ( Godzilla - being the biggest was the leader of the group Didyscape or Didy - wasnt the brightest so he just tagged along and then Mickey- the angry scottsman ). They met up near the haunted house at the stroke of midnight. Shivering in the cold and rain they looked at the rusted gate. The gate creaked loudly as Godzilla slowly opened the gate to get inside the courtyard. Didy - lets play hide and seek!! Godzilla - Don't be stupid. first of all we're entering illegally and its also a haunted house remember. *smacking didy in head with his palm* Didy - oh yeah Mickey - stop being an idiot didy. They slowly walked to the house and the door knob was hanging off by old age and wear. Before Godzilla even touched the door knob the door slowly crept ajar and they heard the croaky voice of an old woman. Old woman - come in *giggling* They all felt hesitant but the rather careless didy came flying into the door screaming at the top of his lungs. Didy - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh theres a big ass spider on the door. fuck that im outa here. He ran up the steps to where the voice came from. Mickey - oh for fucks sake. Mickey ran up the stairs and chasing after Didy and leaving Zilla behind. Zilla walked behind the two and then found himself lost as he didn't know where they had gone. He heard a scream coming from a dark and foreboding room at the end of the hallway. He walked slowly to the door and opened it seeing didy with his hands holding his guts which had been dragged out by what seems to be meat hook which was lying on the floor Zilla - FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT (JK) Zilla - what the fuck. how the fuck has this happened. Didy fell to the floor Didy - run (he managed to say with his last breath) Zilla ran out shouting for mickey. he ran into the hallway and found mickey hanging from the ceiling fan. blue with his eyes bulging about to pop out of his sockets. He ran down to the front door very carefully as to not alert the mysterious monster which slaughtered his two mates. He got to the front door and heard the growl of a mysterious beast behind him. He turned slowly around and was face-to-face with the drooling beasts face. The beast grabbed him by the neck and then he licked his face. Godzilla was breathing really heavy (with fear) and the beast noticed that. He grinned and bit his face off with one clean sweep of his jaw. That was the last we saw of the three. THE END!!! 🙂
  2. i think that the vote store needs a rework as it has only three things that are really worth buying where as the rest is not needed in it. regarding the supers i think that the items should be stackable in the inventory and there should be a system where you can sell them all just like Mageps (this is not advertising another rsps its just an idea taken from there) where they have an npc that can sell all the unimportant item in your bank or inventory there should also be a pvp tournament like ffa that have set rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and also set gear. this should be like the blackstone where every hour or so it happens. this give more entertainment to those that love pvp.
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