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  1. Trial Server support Born2PVM Really nice guy; I have grinded some raids and slayer with this guy 🙂 deserves support 😛 Server Support mradolf Good job hehe nothing to complain about Yeehaw n/a Roocer noob. jk funny guy banter with him alot. Good staff helps alot people even me 😛 Big Shmeat n/a Ultra Monk ehh Moderator Citrinite n/a Interesting insanely lucky guy nothing else to say. InfamousPkz helpful, and not shit 🙂 Global Moderator Sanido n/a Cap n/a New Player n/a Admin Wolf I heard he does alot of work 🙂 Godzilla best youtuber out there ! TylerMT n/a Global Admin Draoder big dady Blackheartdb n/a Owners Smash okey so I have been playing rsps for along time now and this server must be the best I have ever played 🙂 The community is the best, and I like that the custom items are sooo clean! I have been playing for like 2-3 months now. Nothing else to say, but good job. This goes for escanor and you 🙂 Keep it up! Escanor
  2. coveplays

    Raids drop event

    ign: coveplays
  3. coveplays

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    IGN: Coveplays GL everyone! hehehuhu
  4. coveplays

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    IGN: Coveplays
  5. coveplays

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    In-Game Name: Coveplays In-Game Rank & Time Played: Legendary donor and 106h played What do you like most/enjoy about Athens-PS?: the fucking pvm is crazy and upgrades are so fun :d How did you find Athens-PS?: youtube from didyscape
  6. Trial Server support Godzilla Very friendly and knows he's stuff Noobwon n/a Server Support Zyxen n/a Cap n/a Moderator Citrinite n/a Kallavan n/a Sanido n/a Max crazy mofo Global Moderator Killakilla99 rich bish good job 🙂 TylerMT active! Wolf n/a Admin New Player very nice guy 🙂 Jack n/a Global Admin Draoder n/a Blackheartdb n/a Owners Smash smashes things 🙂 Escanor n/a Staff of the month: Tylermt
  7. Been playing this server for about an week so I haven't met all of the staff members yet ingame, but every staff member I have seen has been nice to me and it's good to see that the staff members doesn't only just do staff things instead they play the game and enjoy it I guess 😄 Trial Server support Bread n/a Hades n/a shayeb n/a Trix n/a Bobby n/a Uim helps alot in cc Server Support Roxy n/a Sanido n/a Moderator Kallavan n/a Citrinite sexy boy 🙂 nothing else to say 😄 Wolf n/a Jack stealing all the giveaways... I don't like it 😕 Global Moderator Killakilla99 n/a TylerMT listens to the community and helps out alot 🙂 Admin New Player Helps out new players. good staff yes. Global Admin Draoder such a nice admin gave me a 25$ bond for free 🙂 (I won he's giveaway) Blackheartdb n/a Owners Smash seems to be a mastermind yes. very good job on the server 🙂 Escanor n/a Sorry for bad english 😕 but I hope this helps somehow.
  8. coveplays

    Forums raffle

    Goodluck everyone ! ign: coveplays bum
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