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  1. Hi there, Has your suggestion been suggested before? No from what I’m aware of. Will this suggestion create a eco issue? Not to my knowledge Is this Suggestion able to be abused? Nope, all RNG What do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? More meaningful activities. What is your suggestion? A few of us was in discord and was talking around collection log and came up with this idea. We spoke around there being some form of collection log cape or some form a attachment for a owner cape or something and maybe do different tiers for each category (low,med,high) tier for completing a certain group or tier of bosses. This makes the collection logs for npc’s either: A) Rewardable B) Cosmetic/for looks This would overall give the collection log more meaning on completion rather then just having the log itself or just a reward. Obviously something like this is a suggestion and would love anyone else to put their part/ideas on it in the comments Love, Pyrall 😁
  2. Any QOL/bug fixes or purely just the above?
  3. How did you find out about Athensps: YouTube What is your favourite game mode in Athensps: Normal What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Book of omens What is your favourite content in the game: Slayer How much do you rate Athensps out of 10: 9 What number have you chosen: unlucky for some, but not for me, number 13
  4. Hello, I am just posting this today as I do believe something needs to be done to Vorago to entice players to actually WANT to kill this boss. I haven't seen people kill it in days, you can yell for teams but you aren't able to get a team. I'm not too sure as to what can be adjusted to make this better, but i do believe there needs to be some tweet to the boss itself. I fully understand it drops best in slot items and should be a hard boss, but from seeing people they quote on quote class it as a "aids" boss, if there was a way to run figures of how many times it's been killed this week, I recon under 75 times. Maybe add something to actually make it soloable i'm not sure, this is more of feedback on the boss and i'm sure others would agree. Thanks for taking you time to read this post, sorry to "moan/complain"
  5. P.S I don't dislike the server, it's purely just a suggestion or something you could Poll with everyone.
  6. Pyrall


    I have been playing this server for a little bit now, and I do believe that the game needs more cash injections. If you currently ask anyone how to make money, it will be the same 3 responses, Raids, Slayer or AFK on the side. These are good methods, however when getting items or drops, you can be lucky and get a sale in that same day or it can take 3/4 days to sell a single item (which won't even be for just cash). I believe we need something to balance this out as there isn't much cash flowing into the game. This will help new players and existing players to keep playing. I'm not too sure how this can be done or what can be added maybe add more cash for selling bonds or a shop which you can sell all items (similar to the 1B shop) but at a cheap price i'm not sure, but i do think this can put new players off playing as they can't sell items unless you have 1B shop items... I understand the matter of grinding, but as a new player, it can take you some time to get on your feet ready unless your a lucky. Pyrall 🙂
  7. add a hard survivor raids kc please 🙂
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