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  1. Hey everyone! My In-Game Name is: Trey Morgan I'm 25 years old as of January 23rd, 2022, I've been a fan of Runescape since about 2004. I use to play from 2004-2012 12-18 hours per day & would find myself wandering off to find private server fun in 2008 on-ward. Just the thrill of being able to get exp even 3x the amount of Runescape's experience rate, was something that I'm sure has a lot of us on here "Athens PS" today! I still do play Runescape 3 (Original Runescape) & of course the old-school Runescape return, however I do find myself constantly grinding "Athens PS" as there seems to be an endless amount of content. Just as you think you are reaching near end game an update usually come's out with some serious content to get your grind on further. I have found since I started back in the early months of 2021, that the community was always super active & that's honestly one of the first things to attract me to stay here. Out in the real world not everyone has an easy time making friends, and to have a place to escape away to like "Athens PS" and to know that the community will be of help when you are clueless on what to do next or to just chat and do some slayer etc. makes this place a one of a kind & truly feels like you are at home with your family. I've just returned a few weeks ago from a pretty long break as I make music & have been super busy in the studio, however I been finding myself playing a lot and It feels good to reunite with a lot of the community and continue to help out others as I want everyone to feel loved here. That being said, I won't be going anywhere anytime soon & will be around the server a lot of the time, so if you need a friend just pm me or if you need help with a question you can also pm me. I am pretty active in the help cc, and usually only off for 5-7 hour's a day, so feel free to get at me if I'm around. Have fun & thanks for taking me in as apart of the community ❤️ Key Lows - Yak Boys (Aesthetic Edit) "My Music"
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