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  1. +1 same with hope cbow etc
  2. do it go for the yolo
  3. Went for the yolo and it paid off not gonna lie was scared to click upgrade glad I did ❤️ First UIM & Upgraded Custom sang in game
  4. Uim

    add coal bag.

    blast furnce or something along those lines would be cool
  5. hard raid kc would be nice to ;3
  6. Looks good Bobby ;
  7. Thanks for the update 🙂 Hope the looting bag comes soon 🙂
  8. Good guide thanks for putting in the time & effort!
  9. This would be a lovely update I hope they accept it!
  10. Trial Server support Bread - Very kind always helping in the cc and shouting out in yell Hades Lovely person to talk to always helping out in the cc shayeb most of the time online when I am helps me with my pm's when needed doesnt say no always willing to talk to me if i need Trix Havent really spoken to trix -- different timezone Bobby Same as above Uim n/a Server Support Roxy Helps in help cc a ton mostly plays on my sleep time Sanido does a great job being server support puts in the hours Moderator Kallavan Citrinite very humble player know how to grind loves a joke hope to g Wolf. Wolf helped me since day one and became a close friend of mine always went out of his way to talk/help me even though he was busy Jack. Seen jack few hours after starting gave me a few tips on my Normal iron that help loads very nice guy always great to talk to ;3 Global Moderator Killakilla99 - very kind mod always helping around the game & forums TylerMT see tyler always going out of his way to help when it is needed and excitied for his Weapons guide will be good for new players Admin New Player - Works hard to make sure every player is having a good playing experience and that everyone online is enjoying them selfs. Global Admin Draoder - Has very nice guides helps new players when they join. Very nice and kind genuine personality Blackheartdb havent spoken to blackheart often Owners Smash - Good to see a owner that grinds his own server and cares so much about the players/staff team and doesnt put up with anyones BS. Escanor - Does a great job on the server appreciate all the hard work havent really spoken to him much but appreciate him for what he does for the server
  11. Uim

    Showcase of my work.

    Looks good mate
  12. It was insane glad it happend wonder if itll happen in advanced raids ;3 Cheers UIM
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