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  1. Head of Server Smash Head of Development Mycenatch(fahq) Combining the two owners together -- As for owner feedback I think the biggest responsibility is that the Owners are responsive and listen to their staff team. I don't much bother critiquing Owners usually as their job revolves around the backend of the server. With that being said however, I think the Owners do a really good job with involving themselves within the community. It's a rare thing that we as RSPS players don't often see, so I commend the both of you. Community Manager Rebel I've seen you around a lot Rebel, I think you're doing great with your position. I only started this server less than 2 weeks ago or so, I haven't had an issue with any staff member, and I think the community does appreciate and like you. Keep doing what you're doing. Customer Support Blackheart db Haven't had to interact with you, ideally if all goes well I'll never need to in a professional capacity. If you want to hop in-game ever I'm sure that would be dope. Donation Manager Beansfham Haven't had to interact with you either. I think I may have seen you helping out a few times but that's all. I've seen you in a few streams so people seem to like you, and you seem to enjoy being with the community so all is well. Global Administrator Munjeezy N/A Ogre N/A Veng I've seen Veng the most probably out of all Staff members, seems to consistently be in the clan chat helping out players, and just being an easy guy to chat with. Sorry I don't have any real constructive feedback for any of the Admins, but your job as an Admin is typically more behind the scenes than anything. Trial Global Administrator Forums Manager Chadsta Haven't had any interaction with you either, hope you're not too lonely on the forum staff team though. Gim Manager Lindgren N/A Administrators Queen Bee L V Seen both of you a fair amount, I think this server has the most "higher up" staff team participation within the community. It's pretty cool to see, maybe I'll try and make conversation with you guys some more one day. Trial Administrators Royalred56 You seem to know what you're doing in-game. I'm not sure what responsibilities a Trail Admin has, the current staff team is pretty large so I imagine your job is training helpers/moderators. Just try and have fun. Global Moderator Hob Seen you a few times, you seem nice, nothing much to say sorry boys. Trial Global Moderator Rep Don't think I've ever seen you, maybe time zones? Roll A Zoot Same with Hob for you, seen you around, no complaints, just haven't yet come to you for assistance. Moderator Mageownsu1 Gotbaconeh Seen both of you helping a bit, haven't had to see you "moderate" or punish/even need to punish anyone. From what I've seen the community seems to be pretty straight arrowed, so if there is a lot of infractions you all are doing, then you're doing a good job because I haven't seen any of it. Trial Moderator Echoes Can definitely tell that you were recently promoted from support. You still have the enthusiasm in your answers so try not to lose it. I've spoken to you a few times and you definitely seem like a nice guy. Only advice which I may or may not have room to give you is just to be open to learning. I don't know your previous staff experience but the jump from support to mod tends to throw a lot of people off. Ask a million questions to your Mods/Globals and don't let yourself get an ego. Server Support Reward Dalerith Both of you are doing a good job. I've seen Reward quite a bit more, but that could easily just be a time zone thing. Your job is to help people, and you both seem to be doing well with it. Trial Server Support Viniarskiam Cinematic Yogi To the trials, I don't know how long your trial is, hopefully only a week or two? Biggest advice for helpers is to not get burned out. You guys are all brand new to the staff team, and if all goes well, then you'll be on the team for a very long time. Don't get burned out playing 20 hours a day in the first month, you'll be kicking yourselves. I imagine you guys all enjoy the game at this point, so just try and hold onto that and you'll all make wonderful staff members. I've seen all of you helping out so just keep going where you're needed. Same for you all, just ask for help when you need it and you'll do fine. As for "Staff of the Month" -- I haven't even played the game for a full month so it doesn't quite seem fair. I'll come back to this thread closer to the end of June or in the next 2 weeks to give you an answer. Note for all -- I've only been on this server for 2 or less weeks, and at the current moment I can say without a doubt this team seems to be full of the absolute least ego driven amount of people I've ever seen in a staff team. You all signed up to help out on a server where any new player will know literally nothing, so props to you all. Also reading this back, I realized I gave more advice than feedback, and you're all of course free to ignore that, you have no idea who I am and that's fine, I don't want it to come off that I'm trying to say I know more than you. It's just what I've picked up from my own experience. I wish you all the best, feel free to PM me in-game. Thanks for reading.
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