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  1. Look at that drip gz bro idk if i wana risk my sang just yet 😂
  2. Cant wait to login man keep up the good work
  3. Theres an mini higscore banner in the ::edge location perhaps relocating it to home and editing/adding different variations of hiscores would be a good idea i like the idea of more prestige rewards and boss reqs to progress
  4. Hades


    When u mean flasks do u mean a decanter to make all 1, 2 and 3 dose potions into 4? And i like the suggestion of adding use to the fountain by restoring stats/hp
  5. Looking forward to the slayer block system and pos rework thanks for keeping us updated
  6. Honestly a very good/detailed guide and will help new players alot
  7. Appreciate the effort u are putting into the server keep it up bro
  8. Hades


    I agree with everything you said and if you look at my post I suggested a token minigame that could be a great solution
  9. Not bad at all
  10. Maybe for half the price its worth so 15-20t?
  11. That sounds like a good quality of life update and wouldn’t mind it being implemented into the server
  12. Congratss im jealous rn😂
  13. Hades


    To be honest i think gambling is a grey area and if it were to be implemented like dicing or flowerpoker. Only trusted/ranks should be in charge to avoid Scams/drama. of course this can be an Inconvenience for members of staff to be there 247 perhaps a rotation could be put in place to cover spots.
  14. Token minigame : 3 floors 1st floor drops 10b tokens per npc floor 2: 25b 3rd floor 50b each floor requires a kc to progress to next floor (rough sketch) things could be tweeked accordingly to make sure no foul play A mass boss that spawns every 5-10 mins the loot table can be changed every so often to keep things fresh. Nothing too OP but this brings the community closer Being able to block custom slayer tasks and adding power crystals to reward shop. Adding slayer reward boxs to all hard npcs some dont drop any or lack enough e.g darth mauls Increase the hp to current mass bosses and not allow upfront costs to go through when boss is halfway dead Update loyalty points/boss points stores
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