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  1. bump on this...crystals are now down to 10t and hardly sell.
  2. Something needs to be done to the state of the economy we have too many items flooding in with people grinding every day or even just afking the tree and getting crystals. The best source of cash currently feels extremely unrewarding (hellfire wizards) because the staff which used to sell for 15-20t is now hardly worth 6t. Crystals used to be 30t and now they are getting listed between 15-20t. I upgraded a lit sword to hfss today and was astonished that the price of the item which used to be 70-80t is down to 40-50t, overall the state of the economy is really bad because there is an influx of items and too many cash sinks (upgrade, forge, slots). Basically there may be a net neutral of cash in vs. cash out but there is constantly more and more items flooding into the economy each day which means that actually the cash into the server should be > cash out otherwise items will eventually become worthless (as we are seeing now with power crystals at half the value they are supposed to be) Introduce a way to keep the value of certain core items to the economy here are couple ideas: Crystals (the point of these needing to stay high value is why else have deluxe rank at $2500 where the benefit is you can afk for them if they aren't worth anything) - if you have all 3 crystals in your inventory you can right click option to combine and randomly create a loot box. Three types of boxes: 1. T1 Armor/Wep box (20% chance to get this box, only gives rare armor such as incursio, justiciar, and tectonic and hope pieces for hope staff, crossbow, etc.) 2. bonds box (30% chance to get this box, gives up to $50 in bond minimum value is $10 bond, devs can weight the probabilities) 3. cash box (50% chance to get this box, gives pure cash MUCH NEEDED TO THE ECONOMY!!) would suggest the minimum to be 50t since it is consuming 3 crystals to create this box and max reward should probably go up to 200t Hellfire Wizards (these are supposed to be the best cash in game) - make hellfire battlestaff npc to shop for 15t, and make more spawns in the zone. It should be a nice juicy reward to turn in that 20k slayer pts for this scroll so you can farm this zone. Sure using the 2x drop & 100% drop rate scroll is nice to see those 1t & 2t drops occasionally but there needs to be that BIG PAYOUT for when you hit the 1/3000. If drop rate is too high for a 15t drop then put it to 1/5000 but there needs to be a big payout return for the best cash farming in game. Getting one of these staffs to drop right now sucks.
  3. Awesome work Athens team! This update was pushed out smoothly with very little bugs & issues, keep up the content updates while also balancing the need for QoL improvements/suggestions that the community is providing.
  4. Never will do vorago the drop rates are so abysmally low in comparison to the massive amount of effort and time as well as patience of just dying and typing ::prev it's just stupid.
  5. +1 voting benefits are not enough to incentivize ALL PLAYERS to vote...for example, I can't be bothered to click through all those captcha's and shit for a measly 3 vote tickets every day (or 6 if I were to do it twice a day). The vote mystery box is absolute dog shit, if you actually made that box give some juicy rewards players would vote way more. It would also naturally raise the value on the vote tickets since you get a chance of getting the box from claiming the tickets... There should be good enough rewards that the value of vote tix goes back to 500b at least, imo it should be closer to 1t so that will allow new players to right away get some cash to buy gear with simply from voting.
  6. Can imagine clicking over 1k boxes after a couple days of grinding slayer and it would not be fun. Can we also get open all for ultra boxes/supreme boxes?
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