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  1. This is a HUGE update i love the ideas that have been turned into content! Ya'll did a very good job with this one and i can't wait to see where it goes from here. My favorite piece has to be how ya'll worked out the junk items. Being able to turn them into a new currency and there's actual uses for this currency. 10/10 guys Love it. Can't wait to make a video of the content! ❤️
  2. @everyoneNew video out now! ATHENSPS | RAGS TO RICHES | CRAZY GAINZ! + GIVEAWAY Last videos winners announced in the description check it out now!! make sure to enter as well!
  3. New Video out now! Check it out show some love ❤️ Giveaway included
  4. Hey everybody! It's nice to be here with ya'll. I've been in the rsps scene for years i can't tell ya how long tbf. I've done pretty much everything from models, gfx, coding, management, and youtubing. Being a rsps YouTuber was just my favorite part. After stepping away i'm finally able to return and with my new channel make videos again ❤️ I hope i can get ya'lls support in my future here. Check out my channel ---> NimaRS
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