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  2. Trial Server support Godzilla - Very active in both discord and in game, always friendly and has good banter. A modest 10/10 Noobwon - Funniest fucker in discord but more professional since he became trial SS 😉 Good. banter and helpful in cc Server Support Zyxen - No longer applicable Cap - Nice guy, no complaints, very down to earth and often active and helpful. Moderator Citrinite - Rarely on and not as helpful as the SS/trial ss members Kallavan - N/A - never met Sanido - N/A Fairly active recently, but dont have too many interactions to go based on. Max - N/A Global Moderator Killakilla99 - N/A (havent seen much of him or heard him lately) TylerMT - Very good staff member again, like cap, very helpful in cc and good chat/banter with players. Wolf - Very helpful in CC, a great guy and is often around and easy to contact/talk to. Admin New Player - Very good staff member again, had personal help over pm and information at times too. Solid staff member. Jack - N/A (not seen around for a fair bit of time. Has been very active and helpful in cc before though. Global Admin Draoder - Love this guy, always helpful and constantly causing me to grind more hellfire wizards! Blackheartdb - Very helpful and quick to respond, hope to see them around more often 🙂 Also one of the only people that can help me with forum issues! Owners Smash - Not seen too much of smash lately, Sure theyve been busy on updates etc. Always both firm, fair and has a laugh though, great guy. Escanor - Great guy, Very quick to respond to bugs as of late, great job on the updates! Nice to have such an accessible and hands on developer. staff of the month: Godzilla Hard choice, but it seems somewhat wrong to suggest an owner as staff of the month (Escanor) even though i appreciate all the work. It came close between Cap and Godzilla. Ive seen both at times do the job well and enforce rules where required, have great banter and general help and conversation with players. Id vote both if i could.
  3. Refer to notes here:
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    IGN: Infamouspkz
  5. Big -1!! on the crystal suggestion. Why should crystals only be available to those that pay $2500? But by making them combine able with those ridiculous payout options you are just going to nerf all items even more. No crystals would ever be sold either because you are basically only offering combination rewards that pay back more than 2x the crystals cost. Therefore degrading all box items and making cash worthless (200t for combining 3 afk items? That’s really really dumb. This will instantly destroy the eco.) secondly the idea of 20% for getting t1 armour/weapons or 30% of a minimum $10 is all ridiculous. This suggestion in its entirety will ruin eco for everyone. I see the problem you’re trying to fix but ::afk should never be the best way to make money. Which your suggestion would make it. Also the rewards are “sorry to be harsh” but stupid. You shouldn’t get such items or offers for 27t worth of crystals (9t ea). this is a very poor suggestion, 15t for a hellfire staff to shops is fair on the other hand but should be closer to 10t given that the shopkeeper upsells items.
  6. +1 For those complaining gambiling will lose their bank - you can already gamble on the gambler but at very bad odds. just because its there you dont have to use it.
  7. Infamouspkz

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    ign: infamouspkz
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