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  1. Lovely update, super unique approach and very well thought out!
  2. Revive da forums!

  3. Congrats on all promotions, well deserved!
  4. Hola friends, My suggestion is to either remove the arrows from all bows (7DS) don't require anyway or add runes to the magic, Currently it's kinda unfair that we need to pay for arrows and magic is 'free'.
  5. Hello friends! I will now be updating this thread whenever I make a new video! I hope to see you guys there and participate in those lovely sponsored giveaways! Here's a list of the video's that I made so far (in order): My Approach to the Early Game - Giveaway Winners: Picked. In-depth Update Showcase Giveaway Winners: Picked. 4th of July Update Giveaway Winners: Picked. Loot of from 25,000 F8 abyss keys Giveaway Winners: Picked. Loot from 500 owner bosses Giveaway Winners: Picked. The Ultimate Newbie guide for June 2021 Giveaway Winners: None. I will be uploading video's more and more frequently now that there's a new series on the way (Road to Primordial Rank). I hope you all are as excited as I am, and enjoy Athens! Love, Jetman
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