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  1. Hello my name is adam I am 28 almost 29 years old. I have been on runescape/ private servers since I was 13. I am fairly new to the server but I am a youtube/streamer. I am looking forward to making video's about the server and spreading the word! I am enjoying all the custom content the server has to offer and looking forward to spending my free time with everyone! I am always available to help anyone if needed! I am gonna be in game as much as possible so if you see me on make sure you say hi! IGN: slasher3410 (Ironman) Slasher341 (main) A little about what I do. I make youtube videos for fun and mainly play apex legends in my free time. I have been active duty military for over 10 years and I love it! I am the father of 3 kids and married. I own my house and play servers/ runescape for fun!
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