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  1. The Forgotten Abyss The Forgotten Abyss is a new Minigame added as a way for players to make some decent cash The Forgotten Abyss will be a minigame consisting of 8 floors varying in different difficulties the higher your floor the better the reward Some of the floors as you progress will require you to have certain donator ranks, also certain Olympus ranks will grant you double loot at certain floors. (WARNING): If you leave the forgotten abyss at any time or log out you will have to restart your progress certain donator ranks will be allowed to start at a higher floor than others so always keep in mind that if you leave you will have to restart you progress Also the loot shown in this guide is without the effects of the double loot you start to see at floor 5 with the respective donor ranks including Olympus ranks With this addition to the game Limey Bows will no longer be a weapon will instead be a stackable token but will have the same use as Lime Bows in the sense you can upgrade them into $10 bonds The NPCS you kill in the Forgotten Abyss will not count towards slayer tasks nor will they add to your NPC killcount Floor progression Everybody starts at floor 1 -1 = no rank entry fee - (1t cash) 250 kc is required to proceed to the next floor The first floor consists of angry rex spawns they will be the easiest floor granting the lowest amount of rewards but also even though it is not the best it still grants you quite a lot during your kc to move forward This is a general idea of what your loot will be from floor one kc requirements before you move forward although it does not look like a lot it will be a good starting point in the money that follows -2 = no rank entry fee - (1t cash) 400 kc is required to progress to the next floor This is the second floor on your progression through the Forgotten Abyss in this floor you will be killing darklords each kill grants you 1 key and kc towards your next floor on this floor the rewards you can receive will also slightly increase in value This will be what you will be roughly expecting after finishing your kc on the second floor of the Forgotten Abyss the rewards have slightly increased in turn making you slightly more money -3 = no rank entry fee - (5t cash) 500 kc to proceed to the next floor On the third floor of the Forgotten Abyss you will be killing Sagittare also progressing you through your time in the Forgotten Abyss this floor is where you start to see a bigger increase in your rewards although not so common you have a chance at some slightly bigger ticket items This is a rough outline of what to expect after finishing the 500 kc needed to proceed further into the Abyss as you can see the rewards are quite a bit nicer this is a better show of how much money you can make progressing through the Abyss -4= super rank entry fee - (10t cash) 550 kc to progress to the next floor On floor 4 you need to have at least Super Donator Rank to proceed to this floor from this floor on you will now be making more money because of the added requirements to enter As you can see from the picture above the variety of loot you can receive and the the more value you will make from your time on this floor 5 = extreme rank entry fee - (15T cash) 600 kc required to progress forward Floor 5 of the Forgotten Abyss will require at least Extreme Donator Rank on this floor of the Abyss you will begin to fight Lucid Warriors After your 600 kc here on floor 5 this is what you can expect to receive from your time on this floor before progressing the green tokens are called (Limey Tokens) it is a replacement for limey bows and what they are turned into now they are a stackable items you can also expect to start seeing gamble zone tickets here which you can save up and use to buy boxes at the gamble island. You will also start to see prestige lamps which can be used to further your prestige unlocking more bosses and money makers over time (With Athenian Donor) you will receive double loot from the keys 6 = Uber rank entry fee - (25T cash) 700 kc required to proceed to the next floor On floor 6 of the Forgotten Abyss you will begin to start killing Darth Rangers you will also need at least Uber Donator to get into this floor Here is what can be a expected version of the loot you will receive from floor 6 of the Abyss this floor grants you many ways of upgrading into bonds and obtaining pure cash and darklord tokens which can be used to buy infinite overloads and darklord capes This does not show the double loot achieved with (Olympian Donator) 7 = deluxe rank entry fee - (50T cash) 850 kc required to progress to the next floor On floor 7 of the Forgotten Abyss you will begin to fight Oreos also you will need at least Deluxe Donator to get into this floor This is a general idea of what to expect from your 850 kc on floor 7 of the Abyss the bigger ticket items really show starting from this floor and floor 8 of the Abyss mostly because of the items such as Owner Darts that can be sold to players for a nice amount or used at the Owner Dart Boss for the chance at Owner Items This does not reflect the double drops you receive with (Titan Donator) 8 = VIP rank entry fee - (100T cash) For floor 8 you will need VIP Donator to enter and on this floor you will be fighting Angelic Warriors The rewards from this floor are by far the best and most rewarding you will receive more Owner Darts and you will start to see items like Olympus bonds a pack of 2 Treasure Keys and Crystals and $100 Goodiebag Boxes these are not all of the items you can receive on this floor but it is enough to show you how worth it is to grind your donor ranks out to get to this floor because the rewards are super amazing This does not show the double loot with (Primordial Donator) You can also receive The Forgotten Abyss Scroll from this floor it is a tradable item that grants an extra life in the Abyss it also allows you to bypass the donator requirements to progress between the floors. It also starts you on floor 4 and gives you 2x the kc per kill Superiors During your time in the Forgotten Abyss you will have chances to receive a superior monster that will grant you 1-10 keys for the chest theses superiors are a 1/100 chance from every monster that you end up killing granting you extra keys per floor While the superior is spawning you will not be able to attack the minions until after it has spawned it will give you the message that follows Whenever this message appears it means that a superior is spawning preventing you from hitting the minions You will also be able to know if a superior is spawning when the minions make a opening in the middle of there little area they sit with a blue light above there heads indicating the spawn of a superior.
  2. The process of getting bonds in game is important for everyone because it grants you access to many benefits and upgrades toward your gear. Knowing how to get them is what will make your time pushing through your donator ranks much smoother. You can currently obtain these current bonds in order from ($5, $10, $25, $50) All of the bonds are achievable in game either by upgrading items, getting them as a drop, or upgrading in game items Now I will go over the ways to collect these bonds The Slot Machine The slot machine can grant you many rewards including bonds. It requires at least normal donator rank to do and increases the amount of slots you can do the higher your rank goes. Item Upgrades (Limey bow, LIT sword, Rainbow minigun) Limey Bow The limey bow is obtained from supreme and ultra boxes Rainbow Minigun The rainbow minigun can also be upgraded from the dragon minigun which is achieved through slayer points, slayer boxes, and boss points You can also get rainbow miniguns from Telos raids, slayer points, slayer superiors and the Donator bosses LIT Sword The LIT sword can be gained from slayer boxes and boss points The hellfire shadow sword is also obtained from Ugly Ant Men This can save you a lot of money in upgrades if you are looking to grind for $50 bonds The Hope Sword is also obtainable from hope raids Raids Bonds can be obtained from the following raids (Blood Raids, Hope Raids, Telos and Group Ironman Boss) Blood Raids (easy, Medium, Hard) Easy Medium Can also get $5 Olympus bonds Hard Can also get $5 and $10 Olympus bonds Hope Raids Easy Medium Hard Can also obtain $5 and $10 Olympus bonds Telos Chance at $10 Olympus bond Group Ironman Boss Chance at $5 Olympus Bond (Group Ironman Only) Boxes The current boxes obtainable in game are as follows (Ultra box, Supreme box, Infernal box, Bravek's casket, Loyalty box, Task scroll reward box and fall guys box) Ultra and Supreme boxes both have a rare chance at a $10 bond Infernal Box Bravek's Casket Loyalty Box Task Scroll Reward Box Fall Guys Box Bosses/Monsters This includes (Slayer superiors, Redemption warrior, Blackstone Warmonger, Deluxe Boss, The Mimic, Uber Boss and VIP Boss) Slayer Superiors Redemption Warrior (Iron Only) Blackstone Warmonger The Mimic Uber Boss Also drops a $50 bond (Uber Donor Rank and above) Deluxe Boss Also drops a $50 bond (Deluxe Donor Rank and above) VIP Boss Also drops a $50 bond (VIP Donor Only) Olympus Bonds The Obtainable in game Olympus bonds are ($5, $10, $25, $50) You can upgrade into these bonds and also get them as drops as noted in earlier parts of this guide Upgrades $5 $10 $25 $50 Events The only current event in game is Chest rush although it is the only event it still has pretty decent rewards including bonds. Donating Donating is another fast way to collect bonds through things such as $1 boxes and Treasure keys and Treasure Crystals You can also get exclusive deals for these items by going through (Ding Dong Ho, Smash and Beansfham on discord) The donation items that can give you bonds are as follows (Treasure Keys/Crystals, Store Box, Owner Box, Seismic Box, Hope Raid Box, Blood Raid Box, Vorkath Box, Zamorak Box, K'ril Melee Box, $50 Goodiebag, $100 Goodiebag, Vindictive Box, Heartseeker Box, Easter Box, Telos Box and Box of Luxury) Treasure Keys and Crystals Store Box Can also be obtained in game through donator points and youtuber bosses Owner Box Can also be obtained in game through the Owner Dart Boss Seismic Box Hope Raid Box Blood Raid Box Vorkath Box Zamorak Box K'ril Melee Box $50 Goodiebag Box Can also be obtained in game from the item grinder $100 Goodiebag box Can also be obtained in game from the item grinder Vindictive Box Heartseeker Box Easter Box Telos Box Box of Luxury
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