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  1. Yeah tbh there isn’t one person where I’m like ooooh why are they on the team. One of the best staff teams I’ve ever seen on a server
  2. Community Manager Draoder : seems like a good dude, haven't spoken too much Smash: great guy, I like smash a lot. Definitely makes the server more fun when he's on. Global Administrator Munjeezy: haven't seen too much but they seem like they care Nate: good guy to have around Blitz: i don't know Blitz as much but I have definitely heard good things Trial Global Administrator Event Team Rebel: probably the most helpful person on the staff team. Rebel goes above and beyond to help anyone he can and it is definitely appreciated. Gareth: very helpful Gim Manager Lindgren: seems to be a good person, works hard Suggestions Manager Leo: I don't really know him but I see him on a lot and it looks like he puts work in. Administrators Cashapp: funny person and seems fairly active Artemis: a good person to have on staff, kind Veng: respectful and helpful Trial Administrators Ogre: good convo and always helpful Global Moderator Queen Bee: she is active and knowledgeable Slaya: good guy, helpful Trial Global Moderator Moderator Neck: helpful and a nice person Ding dong ho: someone i like speaking with Trial Moderator Mickey: all three trial mods are likeable and willing to help out L V: someone that has helped me on numerous occasions and someone that i consider one of the best staff. Hob: good advice and game knowledge. Server Support Beansfham: a loyal guy who has been around for a while Viniarskism: helped me on a few occasions and respectful Chadsta: knowledgeable Ziossa: my new duo slayer buddy haha, hes a solid guy and I enjoy his knowledge and having him around. Royalred56: helps when needed, respectful as far as I can tell Trial Server Support Rep: happy for Rep! hes a good guy that goes out of his way to help people who might not know as much about the server STAFF OF THE MONTH: If i was picking it would be LV. LV goes out of his way to answer questions and be there for whatever I need. I'm sure that if he is that helpful to me that he must be a valuable asset to Athens.
  3. Hey everybody, Echoes here. I’ve been playing for last few days and figured I’d stop and say hello on the forums. Athens is my first custom RSPS. I just never really got into them before, but for some reason this one stuck. I’ve played probably every decent RSPS at some point, and am looking to find a new main game to play. Anyways, I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you and thanks for welcoming me in game.
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