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  1. Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) noWill this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) noIs this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) noWhat do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? More ways to upgrade items into what you needWhat is your suggestion? Using the items we have in game already, 10-15 darth plates/5-10 angelic range plates = 40% upgrade chance at a crystal armour piece shard. 15 hellfire shadow sword for 15% chance at kril sword shard. Similar upgrades across the board from items you'll acquire through slayer/bossing and also could be nice for the omni boots/gloves etc (25 darth boots or 5-10 range angelic boots = 40 % upgrade into crystal boot shard) Allowing items to be used and not just thrown to 1b shop These are all rather basic examples but ideas that could be expanded on alot more
  2. Has your suggestion been suggested before? noWill this suggestion create an eco issue? noIs this Suggestion able to be abused? noWhat do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? A new amulet slot to grindWhat is your suggestion? I think with these amulets coming into game, better than a coll neck i, should have the coll effect to go along with them. Everyone uses coll/owner neck becuase on the colletor effect. If not its sort of becomes a little dead content, also the continuing gap between coll neck i and owner neck.
  3. - Owner cape (i) 3 Owner capes to forge or 1 to upgrade. 25-50% increase in stats. (note: Since slot boxes are getting increase with donator, potential increase of ocs in game, make ocs untradable but oc(i) tradable - same with human pet) - Escape button feature bugs when closing bank/shop stores. Stunts efficient gameplay. - In-game staff chat: Quite often when a lot of staff or on or even 2-3 it can be hard to organise an event or just keep an eye on someone. Overall makes things easier. - x2 drop rate/drops/loyalty box timers are at bottom left of screen, can interfere with pms sometimes and looks odd. Maybe move top right. - Kunai knife/nun-chucks/other "clue" related rewards (armour) from clue scroll caskets. same stats as hope equipment. Can bridge another gap for people starting and entering mid-game. - Groudon/Warmonger rework. We have 2 perfectly working mass bosses that spawn every hour or so. Update drop table and add some unique rewards from the specific mass boss that you can't get anywhere else. Either good droprate or stats to make it relevant again and not dead content. - Relics you can add to your armour and weapons. Relics can range from increased drop rate to 1-5% damage bonus. (This could be interpreted as adding a magic fang to a trident of the swamp.) - Add custom ancestral/justiciar set to survivor raids (just texture it). stats and droprate a little less than elite tectonic robes/elite incursio. Can be upgraded for better stats/dr also. (Elder maul/kodai wand also could be added etc) - Also think the inquisitor would be nice. - New quick starter zone where starter players get time on an island full of small "wolf's" that drop a decent amount of mboxes/starter gear/dkin lamps so they can get stuck right into slayer and progress. (can give unique weapon with charges that you can only kill the wolves with so you can't camp) - Omni boss: 3k kc of each vorkath/kril/zamorak (drops include omni weapon, stats between vorkath bow/cbow and seismic, and omni armour shards) - 3 new bosses, all dropping 2 sets of armour. e.g Barbarian set and Samurai set can be forged together to make k'ril melee set. If you get all 3 weps from all 3 bosses you can forge them to create something inbetween omni boss weps and seismic. - Upgrade stone: use 3 upgrade stones on a weapon to add 1% dmg capped at 10%. Only real use atm for upgrade stones are to open books of omens. - Evil tree/star rework: Currently star and evil tree are constantly announced but theres no point because theres no rewards. Maybe stars can be normal donor to uber, evil tree can be deluxe+. It's something that if you're active you can place your afk account there (Almost like an afk2) and then once its done go back to ::afk Note: Deluxe+ can't mine the star - Daily farming runs: every 6-24 hours, depending on rank, you can harvest and plant a tree that gives rewards (cash/boxes/ultra rewards etc) Seeds can be acquired by slots/thieving master/randomly. Another fun little daily event to do, can take you away from the constant menial grind.
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